MAMAMOO's Moonbyul for 'Cheese In The Tap' MAMAMOO's Moonbyul for 'Cheese In The Tap'

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul solo comeback is coming, this is everything we know

The rapper of MAMAMOO is doing a solo comeback. This is all you need to know about her upcoming album 'Chese In The Trap'.

MAMAMOO has a tradition for the public: all the music they release was made with passion and quality. No matter if the members work together or decide to drop solo projects, we can expect something unique. Recently the girls are exploring individual paths.

At the beginning of the year the rapper of the group Moonbyul released her mini album 6equence with the playful main title "LUNATIC". The project contains a love story narrated by the Idol through each song. She got a great response from the fans and the critics.

It seems like the story is not finished yet and the rapper is ready to continue it.  Last month her agency RBW revealed the artist was working on new music. Are you exited? Well, now we know everything about her upcoming album.

Moonbyul for C.I.T.T. teaser / By @moomooalymoo

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul second album is coming soon

On the night of April 12 Moonbyul revealed the name of her second album: C.I.T.T. (Cheese in the Trap). It will be released on April 28.

In order to increase the expectation, the MAMAMOO official Youtube channel has dropped a new teaser for the comeback.

We can see Moonbyul wearing the costume of LUNATIC bending down to look through a tiny door. Inside there is a yellow room with a monitor panel and she is sitting there controlling everything . Is this the "cheese trap''?

C.I.T.T. Album cover / By @RBW_MAMAMOO

The pre-order of the album is already open. Also we have the album cover, it was revealed on MAMAMOO official Twitter account on April 13. In the nexts days will be realesed more photos and "concept films". We're dying to watch the "dance spoiler on April 26.

MOOMOO, are you ready for Moonbyuls comeback?

Don't forget to check the best MAMAMOO songs to bless your ears.

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