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'Lovesick Girls' reveals the truth about Blackpink's love life!

What’s better than a love song? It’s a lovesick song! Blackpink's addictive music has a great grasp on radio-play. Not only the fans but even the masses in countries like the United States love them too! Do you ever wonder what the song really talks about? Read more below to see what the lyrics actually mean.

  • The girl band released their hit single 'Lovesick Girls' on October 2nd, 2020 under YG Entertainment. 
  • They have a world record of being the only female group to sell 5.2 million copies of their debut album titled 'The Album'.
  • Group members named Jisoo and Jennie have songwriting credits for this hit single.
  • Thanks to the success of this track, Blackpink has a net worth of $36 million! 
Blackpink Lovesick Girls cover

'Lovesick Girls' is a powerful song about the difficulties in a romantic relationship. It is the hard-to-swallow pill that love songs refuse to acknowledge. Blackpink are sick of how they keep going back to partners that treat them badly!

This is why they sing 'We are the lovesick girls'. It all makes more sense now, right?

Blackpink for The Album photoshoot

'We were born to be alone but why are we still looking for love?' is one of the strongest questions asked in the track.

This line captures the essence of the entire song! It describes how some people still don't lose hope after being wronged repeatedly. The music video also shows all 4 girls are suffering in different ways. The important lesson is that you should be able to bounce back from the heartbreak.

Check out the English translation of this song here!

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We know that Jisoo and Jennie had input in the writing process. The girls have discussed how they loved contributing to 'The Album'! A track becomes more meaningful when someone pours their heart into it.

Is this why all 4 members choose to remain single? Have their experiences in love been foul? Read more about their feelings towards this track here! 


After dissecting the lyrics, I see the song in a new light. The video seemed to be more emotional too! What other K-pop songs do you think have deep meanings? Let us know in the comments below!

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