Lay didn't renew his contract with SM Entertainment Lay didn't renew his contract with SM Entertainment

Lay ended his contract with SM Entertainment, will he stop making music?

Lay decided not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment right on EXO's 10th anniversary, what will happen to him in the future?

EXO's 10th anniversary was bittersweet for EXO-L as Lay decided to end his contract with the group's agency and maybe this also means he ended his career in music, what will happen to him?

The history of EXO begins in the distant 2012, we could say even earlier but this was the year in which the boy band debuted. With 2 subunits, the group took over China and Korea at the same time. At that time there were 12 members who made up the complete group.

Some time later, EXO's China Line decided to no longer be in the group and this triggered a series of lawsuits that ended up leaving the boy band with only 9 members. Since then they had worked like this until the imminent separation of the group due to the military service of its members had to happen.

Although EXO-L was calm because he knew that this separation would be temporary and that the idols would continue working despite being less. Lay is one of the members from China who did not resign from SM Entertainment despite the previous controversy with his compatriots and we continue to see him for a long time next to his other groupmates.

Zhang Yixing has also had his solo projects and in recent times he has been more in China than in Korea, which is why his participation was very little in the last EXO comeback. And now, the idol decided not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment, what will happen to him in the future?

Lay didn't renew his contract with SM Entertainment, what will happen to him and EXO?

Through social networks, Lay shared a handwritten letter in which he detailed that he would no longer belong to SM Entertainment, that he would have a new beginning. Although he said that he would always be Lay when his fellow EXO members needed him and that he was his family member in China. He thanked his fans, teammates, and company as well as acknowledging his 10 years of growth.

Lay's letter | Instagram: @layzhang

The news was bittersweet for EXO-L, on the one hand many fans are happy that Yixing can make this decision, but also sad that the future may be uncertain. He could continue with solo projects or he could sign with another agency and still be a part of EXO.

SM Entertainment still wants to have Lay in the agency

SM Entertainment stated that Lay's exclusive contract is over, but the agency was looking for some way to maintain a new type of relationship with him, without him leaving the agency altogether, will they manage to make a new contract?

Will Lay have a new contract with SM Entertainment? | Instagram: @layzhang

We hope for a bright future for Lay and EXO too, this group will not stop and EXO-L knows it, the history of the boy band has been like this and there are many more that continue with fewer members but without forgetting them.

Meanwhile, Suho is ready for his solo comeback, so don't miss out every detail about it, EXO's leader is taking EXO-L hearts once again. 

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