Kim Garam will be on hiatus Kim Garam will be on hiatus

LE SSERAFIM's Kim Garam will be on temporary hiatus, what is happening with her?

Kim Garam is involved in a controversy right now, what will happen to the LE SSERAFIM idol?

A lot of fans have mixed opinions about LE SSERAFIM's Kim Garam, the idol received accusations that are damaging her career and she will have to take a temporary hiatus.

LE SSERAFIM is a new K-Pop girl group created by Source Music and HYBE. These girls created great anticipation even before their debut, as the world was waiting for what one of the first all-girl groups from HYBE would be like. And by taking the stages, they surprised everyone.

With 'Fearless', this new girl group was beginning to dominate the K-Pop industry and attract more attention from new fans who completely loved the work of these idols. Little by little, LE SSERAFIM's fandom has grown and more and more of the public expects more from the group.

But now, a controversy has stalked the group, as Kim Garam was accused of bullying. At first, it had been said that the one receiving harassment was in fact Garam, but the real victim decided to take everything to the legal field. According to her, she received school violence from the now idol and also took the case to the School Violence Countermeasures Committee.

Many LE SSERAFIM fans began to demand that Kim Garam leave the girl group due to this situation, many others still supported her even though most of them really wanted her out of the group, what will happen to the idol?

LE SSERAFIM's Kim Garam will be on hiatus due to accusations of bullying

After more information about the bullying case involving Kim Garam was revealed, HYBE and Source Music issued a formal apology as well as a statement regarding the situation. The resolution is that Garam will be on temporary hiatus, maybe she will return to the group after solving the case, apologize and make amends for the damage she did to one of her schoolmates.

Kim Garam will be on hiatus | Twitter: @pannchoa

The victim even revealed that he wanted to take his own life because of the treatment he received from HYBE and Garam in the beginning, so it seems to be a pretty strong situation, not just a game. We hope that it is really fixed and that there is a satisfactory solution for the victim.

LE SSERAFIM had to cancel their activities due to the Kim Garam controversy

LE SSERAFIM making a public presentation right now is perhaps not the best idea, as there are still fans demanding that Kim Garam leave the group and for now he has gone on hiatus. So the idol group canceled all their activities planned for this day so they avoided any kind of brawl or damage to the other members of the group who are not part of the controversy.

LE SSERAFIM cancelled their activities | Twitter: @Kpop_Diaries101

From now on, LE SSERAFIM will only work with 5 members while the Kim Garam situation is resolved, do you think he will return to the group? There are those who really do not want her to be back in the group and prefer that it stays as OT5. 

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