LE SSERAFIM members look stunning in 'The Rough Cut', new teaser for their debut

LE SSERAFIM will be the next girl group under HYBE. The new teaser "The Rough cut" for their debut is released.

LE SSERAFIM is collecting tons of people for their fanbase even before the debut. It is thanks to the promotion for the upcoming event. Everyday we have been receiving photos, videos and information about the new girl group.

It will be the next girl group under Source Music and HYBE. Those companies already have big and successful K-Pop groups, so there are high expectations.

The first video to reveal the members names was the Sakura's one and it has almost 4 million views. At the same time the pictures of Garam, Eunchae, Chaewon, Kazuha and Yunjin are inside of too many fandoms because of curiosity.

Today we have a new teaser. It will blow your mind!

LE SSERAFIM teaser picture / By @bighitmusichyb1

"The Rough cut" teaser is announcing LE SSERAFIM debut

On April 11th Source Music revealed "LE SSERAFIM The Rough cut : Debut Collection" on Youtube. The latest teaser shows the girls as supermodels taking the runway to perform their gorgeous outfits.

This is the third of a series of clips to introduce the members and, perhabs, the concept they will be using for the debut in May.

What is the story behind LE SSERAFIM teasers?

LE SSERAFIM for The Rough cut / By @_yumei__

At the moment we can conclude the teasers are an introduction to LE SSERAFIM world. This is the chronological release and the story they are telling us in each video:

CASTING CALL: The members are waiting for an audition. Apparently they are stuck in the corridor and the practice room.

2022 "FEARLESS" SHOW: LE SSERAFIM is getting ready for a photoshoot. The girls are bored and calm on backstage but as soon as it's time, they are ready to take the stage.

The Rough cut : Debut Collection: Finally we watch all of them like celebrities. Confident and powerful young lady in the runway

Have you checked all the teasers? Which one is your favorite?

Here is more information about the group. You need to be ready for their debut!

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