Kim Garam is now out of LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam is now out of LE SSERAFIM

Kim Garam has been expelled from LE SSERAFIM, she's no longer a member of the girl group

Due to the accusations that Kim Garam received, HYBE made the decision to remove her from LE SSERAFIM for good

What happened to Kim Garam? This girl is no longer part of LE SSERAFIM after the controversy in which she was involved.

LE SSERAFIM is a girl group that debuted made up of 6 talented girls. It was released by HYBE and Source Music and brought something fresh and new to the K-Pop industry. With 'Fearless' they caught the attention of a lot of fans who quickly began to stan these girls and show them all their love and support.

But a few months ago, controversy began to surround one of the members of this idol group, Kim Garam, who was accused of bullying a classmate at school. This escalated into a bigger problem as these accusations were initially denied.

So the victim even started a legal process and presented evidence of what had happened because of the now idol Garam. This put her permanence at LE SSERAFIM in doubt and she went on hiatus for a long time. Meanwhile, the girl band worked with only 5 members.

Now we know that Kim Garam is totally out of LE SSERAFIM, HYBE announced that she will no longer be a part of the girl group, how did the fans react?

Kim Garam is out of LE SSERAFIM for good, that's how HYBE announced it

HYBE and Source Music announced that it has been decided to end the exclusive contract with Kim Garam. As a result of this, the idol will also be left out of LE SSERAFIM for good. After the controversy that Garam went through, the agencies decided that it was not good to have her among her ranks.

Kim Garam is not in LE SSERAFIM anymore | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Among the fans, most agree with this decision, because the case of bullying that Garam starred in was quite strong and really hurtful for the victim, something that should never have happened and that may teach a lesson for everyone, not just for those who want become idols in Korea.

What will happen to LE SSERAFIM without Kim Garam? 

Will LE SSERAFIM get another member for the group? The truth is no, HYBE has announced that now the girl group will continue with only 5 members, in the future they will have new music and more for the fans but it will only be 5 girls. It won't change much about her accommodation within the K-Pop group.

LE SSERAFIM will continue with 5 members | Twitter: @so_whaat_uwu

Most of the fans are happy that now LE SSERAFIM is only OT5, what is your opinion about this? Would you forgive what Kim Garam did?

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