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Kep1er gets their first 100 millions views after their debut

The rookie girl group Kep1er is getting great results for WA DA DA. The music video for their debut has now 100 million views on Youtube.

It's not easy to be a rookie in the K-Pop industry, every year tons of new groups debut but just a few gain enough popularity to survive. On the other hand, there are some agrupations that are really lucky and get massive fame almost from their debut.

This is the case of Kep1er, the girl group was shaped through the survival TV show Girls Planet 999 of Mnet. Every week the public decided to vote for their favorite participants.

Finally, in October 2021, the 9 winners of the show were Yujin, Xiao Ting, Mashiro, Chae Hyun, Dayeon, Hikaru, Bahiyyih, Young Eun and Yaseo. The members of three different nationalities made their debut in January. 

The anticipated debut of the girls is already collecting amazing achievements.

Kepl1er get 100 million views on Youtube

On April 16 the debut single of Kep1er achieved 100 million views on Youtube. The music video for "WA DA DA" reached this mark just after 3 months and one week before it release. The group's official channel on this platform has almost 2 million subscribers.

Kep1er 100 million views poster / By @official_kep1er

The group under Wakeone Entertainment and Swing Entertainment made their debut on January 3th with their first album "First Impact". It sold more than 150 hundred copies, an awesome amount for a debut album.

WA DA DA is a fun and fresh song with an eye-catching choreography, a powerful breakdance and of course, a catchy chorus that will live in your mind forever. Do you have a favorite member? Have you watched WA DA DA?

We can't wait to hear more about these talented girls. Cheers for Kep1er!

The members are participating in the show Queendom 2, we have all the details for you.

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