KMCA doesn't want BTS to take a rest KMCA doesn't want BTS to take a rest

KMCA asks BTS to reconsider their group break for the good of industry and economy

Lee Ja Yeon, president of the Korea Singers Association, is aware of BTS' power and doesn't want their impact to be affected by a hiatus

The highest authorities in Korea know that BTS not only has wide popularity, but also a great impact that helps the economy and other sectors. This is why Lee Ja Yeon, president of the KMCA asks the idol group not to take a group break.

Actually BTS is the most popular and famous K-Pop group in the industry of this musical genre. Its impact has gone beyond what was previously imagined, becoming a worldwide phenomenon with millions of fans around the planet. Which not only benefits the idol group itself.

The fact that Bangtan Sonyeondan is now a worldwide group has brought great benefits to South Korea. From the perception of the whole world before the country, tourism, the economy, interest in their language and culture and much more. This is why Bangtan has a special place for the authorities of their country.

The Bangtan Boys have become a total pride for Korea and this is why their impact is somehow protected at all costs. In addition to also being recognized and prized, the group has had great benefits thanks to its worldwide popularity. This time, the president of the Korea Singers Association is the one who talks about the group.

Lee Ja Yeon, president of the KMCA, asked BTS to reconsider their group hiatus as this would affect the industrial and economic level as well, so she knows that it would be best for them to continue as a group for much longer.

Lee Ja Yeon, KMCA president, asks BTS not to go on hiatus as this would affect Korea's music and economy

Lee Ja Yeon knows all about the popularity and impact of BTS, which is why the KMCA president asked the K-Pop group to reconsider going on hiatus as authorities are concerned that the 'BTS Hallyu Wave' is over. This is why the Korea Singers Association even asks that Bangtan not do military service so that neither they nor their fans leave.

If BTS goes away, the missionaries of Hallyu and Korean culture, ARMYs, also go away. South Korea's tourism industry will suffer, and it will be difficult to hope for a future for South Korea as a hub of culture in Asia. The special laws allotted to the sports and the classical music and arts industries for mandatory military service must be extended to popular culture as well.

Lee Ja Yeon about BTS | Twitter: @Hobi_hobirap

 Ja Yeon also compared BTS to The Beatles, saying that they found the 'next Beatles' and for this reason they really shouldn't take a break and move on as a group. It seems that the KMCA considers that everything depends on one idol group when it may not be so.

ARMY doesn't like what the KMCA says and tells BTS that it's okay to rest

After the KMCA statement, ARMY read the president's words and really didn't like that she put so much pressure on BTS. The fandom is supporting the rest of the boy band and became a trending topic: #BTSIsOkayToRest to let the idol group know that they have all the support to rest and that they do not have pressure from the fans.

ARMY is supporting BTS and nothing else | Twitter: @badibaddieminie

What do you think about this? It really is bad to put so much pressure on the members of BTS, they are not only idols, they are also human beings, not music or tourism robots. The KMCA should have had a better look at its words. We also believe that the impact of Bangtan is permanent and even if they are no longer active they will continue to be a great source of attraction, if that is what the Korea Singers Association is so concerned about. 

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