K-pop's basic guidelines: How we got to BTS and Blackpink

South Korean people managed to make their language be listened to across the oceans with their 'new' music style. Scroll down and learn the exact path the new 'tune' had to go through to get to the United States scenarios and to be heard around the globe!

  • Before K-pop, Korean people listened to their own kind of pop music which was very traditional and generally heard by older generations.
  • K-pop made its first appearance in the 90s, with Seo Taiji and Boys.
  • Today's Korean groups are ruling America's performances (also in Europe and Australia!)
See Taji and the Boys in the 90s. Source: Kenh14

Asia has always been quite an 'hermetic' society. Nobody in the occidental world knew exactly what they were up to regarding music, food, fashion, and many more. Until everything changed! Nobody noticed Korean people were expanding West and with a very clear and definite goal: make the world notice them (even their language).

The first to appear was Seo Taiji and Boys. The band appeared in a music competition where the judges hated their new-weird-style, but people really loved them. It was almost love at first...'sound'. Teenagers and young people made them go to the top of the charts as fast as nobody had ever predicted.

Later, at the beginning of 2000, the term 'hallyu' appeared and with it the expansion of Asian culture into the Western world as never before. K-pop music started being streamed at a very quick pace never noticed before. People went for them because of their joyful choreographies and lively songs (even though they didn't understand the lyrics).

When we talk about the spreading of a song which you understand not a single word of it, we all remember Psy's “Gangnam Style” phenomenon! Everybody would dance that song everywhere not understanding what was being said, and it was O.K. During five long years it was the YouTube video to be at the top and the first Korean video to have more than a billion views!

At that moment, Korean videos and coordinated dances were seen all over the world. Today, we all know BTS (boy band) and Blackpink (girl band) singing at Coachella was a great step to take. One not taken by another Asian group or person. Both bands are at the summit, or at least that is what we think today, probably they will surprise us with a higher summit.

Who knows what this K-pop phenomenon can bring? Let's hope they keep on singing and dancing with such a style to bring joy and happiness to the whole world. So, remember, to make them stay in the Western world retweet and watch their videos a thousand times! Let's end up watching one of BTS greatest videos: "Dynamite"

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