BTS' V and Hani BTS' V and Hani

K-Pop Idols with the most viewed fancams on YouTube

Who are the most popular K-Pop Idols on YouTube? These talented singers have the most viewed fancams.

The Hallyu wave is adding new words to the global vocabulary. K-Pop is not just a music genre it is a whole culture that is conquering the world right now. Some specific terms that are becoming popular because of Korea, such as comeback, maknae or fanchant.

Just in case you haven't heard about it, a fancam is a video that was recorded during a K-Pop performance but focused on just one of the members. Initially, these videos were filmed by the fanatics in the audience.

Since the clips become really important for the popularity of the artists, nowadays the labels provide more professional fancams of every single Idol that is promoting a new song. It's some of the favorite videos among the fandoms.

However, sometimes these videos get massively popular. the viewers are not just the fans but the general public. As usual, the BTS has the most popular fancams, also we are talking about other artists that gave us the most iconic videos ever. Let's start!

K-Pop Idols with the most iconic fancams ever

This fancam was the result of EXID's abrupted popularity. "Up & Down" is a great song by itself. In addition, the beautiful Hani has the best stage presence made in this video one of the most iconic fancams in K-Pop.

Honestly, all the members of BTS could be on this list. Anyways, today we chose Jimin's fancam for "Fake Love". This amazing performance is unforgettable!

We are in front of another iconic girl group. Suzy is one of the most beloved artists in Korea. Her beauty and charisma are the best for a fancam.

Let's finish with the King of fancams. Yes, we are talking about V. The handsome Idols has the most popular fancam ever with over 139 million views on YouTube. He shines like no one else on stage.

What is your favorite fancam of a K-Pop Idol?

TWICE has tons of great fancams. Here are the best ones.

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