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Jungkook's hair evolution over time

Once you go black you never go back? Not in this case! It's only been four months into the year 2021, and the 'Dynamite' singer has changed his hair color 6 times! Scroll down to check out his jaw-dropping hair color evolution from bright blue to platinum gold!  

  • The natural hair color of Jungkook is dark brown.
  • Since his debut, he has changed his hair color more than 10 times.
  • The 5'10" tall artist prefers long hair these days and likes the man bun hairstyle the most.

1. Blonde:

Jungkook talking to the fans

BTS attended the 2021 Golden Disc Awards and the youngest member of the band surprised the fans with his blonde hair. His major shift from black hair to blonde made everyone go crazy over him.

Jungkook performing on stage

The long blonde hair made his features more prominent, and we couldn't help falling for him once again.

2. Solid blue:

Jungkook's mirror selfie

In February, Jungkook again surprised the fans by going with blue. He dropped a mirror selfie in his black and white attire and made our jaws drop at his gorgeous transformation. 

Jungkook performing on stage

A week later, he performed 'Dynamite' with the band members in his bright blue hair and stole the show with his big smile while beating the drums.

Jungkook looking handsome

He even trended on Twitter because of his amazing performance and looks.  

3. Mint chocolate:

Jungkook flexing his gorgeous hair color

After his 'blue' week, he went live again and showed off his mint-colored hair with a dark brown hair partition line. He shared that he wanted to have mint chocolate hair since forever and was pretty happy with the final result.

Jungkook talking to the fans

The flashy green jacket with mint chocolate hair and tattoos, along with the bracelets is one of the best looks he has ever surprised us with. 

4. Soft blonde:

Jungkook looking dashing

He showed that he can dye his hair in any color and still look the most handsome.

Jungkook's cozy selfie for the fans

For the Grammy Awards 2021, he faded away the green shade from his hair and looked absolutely charming in a black and white suit. During BTS' performance , he showed off his black undercut with an all off-white suit. We loved it! And you?

5. Platinum:

Jungkook in platinum hair color

In BTS' Japanese single, 'Film Out', Jungkook's good looks surprised the Army with a new tone.

Jungkook in the music video

The emotional feeling of the song complemented his overall look and the Korean idol looked like an actual angel in the video.

6. Silver:

Jungkook in silver hair

In April, the Euphoria singer dyed his hair to shiny silver as he appeared in HYBE's 'HYBE x Ithaca Holdings' video and welcomed American stars like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande. His long sleek hair and the silver mullet made him look ethereal. 

Which color do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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