Why is it bad that someone revealed Jungkook's grandmother's adress? Why is it bad that someone revealed Jungkook's grandmother's adress?

Jungkook's grandmother's address is revealed and ARMY is not happy about it

Jungkook's grandmother's address was doxed and not only ARMY is upset with this situation, but also the locals of the place

Jungkook's granny's house in Busan was revealed and now this causes a great controversy within ARMY and with the locals of the place, how did they show the lady's home?

The great popularity and fame of BTS makes everyone recognize them and want to know much more about the members of the K-Pop group. This is why we not only find fan information in various forums. The press has also been dedicated to investigating more about them.

Today we can learn many facts about the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, but always with the respect they deserve. Well, it is invalid to share personal or private information about these artists and everyone in general. But it is something that happens a lot in K-Pop, on many occasions the privacy of idols is often violated.

Although HYBE has been very careful and genuinely shows concern for the Bangtan members, there have also been occasions where information has been leaked. Although this is also why ARMY exists, who works as a scout for the idol group and protects them when malicious information comes to light.

This time, the address of Jungkook's grandmother was made public and it is something that does not make the fandom happy, because it is private information and from someone who, although she is no stranger to the BTS idol, is not a public figure. What happened?

A newspaper revealed the house where BTS Jungkook's grandmother used to live, why did it cause controversy?

The Busan Ilbo newspaper published a map of Yeosan Village in 2021, in this the tourist places of the town are shown and in one of the houses they placed the tag of 'the house where BTS Jungkook's grandmother used to live'. This has made many fans come to the place in search of this house.

This has generated controversy as many locals are harassed by fans who want to know exactly where the house is located. But ARMY was also angry about publishing private information about one of Jungkook's relatives.

The map that newspaper published | Twitter: @BIGHIT_INFO

In addition, the newspaper published this without the consent of Jungkook or the BTS idol's grandmother, misusing his name, will HYBE take legal action?

 Why did the newspaper decide to show Jungkook's granny's house?

The village cartographer who made this map for the newspaper said that it is for tourism purposes, justifying the fact that he put Jungkook's granny's house on the map. But this is still something that does not seem good to ARMY, what do you think about it?

This was made for tourism purposes | Twitter: @globalmyeon

Many fans found it somewhat creepy just thinking about how it must feel to publish the personal information of your loved ones, perhaps the newspaper should have been more careful with this.

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