Jungkook as a teenager will melt your heart!

Jungkook’s graduation pictures will melt your heart!

Here’s a dose of cuteness for all the K-pop fans! The 23-year-old South Korean singer looks the most loveable in his school graduation pictures. Fansite photographers made sure to attend his graduation ceremony in February 2013. They are still reminiscing his adorable, cute features. Read below to find out more!

  • When BTS’ Jungkook joined Big Hit Entertainment at the age of 13, he shifted to Singu Middle School in Seoul. 
  • The youngest member of the band graduated at the age of 15.  His charming looks have made him the Most Googled Idol of 2020.
Jungkook's Middle School Graduation Ceremony

BTS’ Army can never get enough of the cute middle school graduation pictures of Jungkook. The star had gained popularity as soon as he joined social media and attracted the public when he was just a young teenager. As a result, fans were dying to be there for his graduation ceremony and captured every precious moment they could.

BTS' members at Jungkook's Middle School Graduation

Jungkook previously attended Baekyang School in Busan but had to make a transfer after becoming a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment. His bandmate, Jin, used to drive him to school as he is the eldest in the group.  All of his groupmates were there to support the K-pop idol on his big day. His baby face made him look remarkably young and adorable. Jungkook definitely created a huge fan base even before BTS’ first debut.

Jungkook revealed that he missed home and his parents

The charming star’s vlog after his graduation made fans love him even more. He expressed how much he missed his parents and home. His confession melted Army’s hearts as to how difficult it is for a young boy to be away from his loved ones. 

Jungkook graduates from Middle School

Although it has been 8 years and the worldwide star has matured, his looks remain the same. He still melts his fans’ hearts with his cute smile. Do you guys think the same? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch below how BTS' members take care of Jungkook!

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