Jungkook trends worldwide for his blazer Jungkook trends worldwide for his blazer

Jungkook's blazer turns into a worldwide trend and here's the reason why

Why are Jungkook and his blazer trending? The accident of this BTS member on stage put him back in searches and mentions

Sometimes the outfits of the idols can play against them in the heated choreography that they usually put on the stage and this happened to Jungkook of BTS.

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage gave us great moments as the group was able to see their Korean fans again after a long wait without face-to-face concerts. There was everything in these last events of the K-Pop group, many emotions, songs and endless fun.

The best thing is that the artists of Bangtan Sonyeondan were also very happy and satisfied with the realization of these concerts in their native country. There was a lot of happiness on the part of ARMY and Bangtan, without a doubt they were moments full of joy that everyone in the venue could enjoy.

Like Jungkook, there is nothing that the Golden Maknae of BTS loves more than concerts and he himself has confessed it, that is why we could see him free and full of life on stage. JK even received a special gift from ARMY at PTD On Stage which he happily carried on stage.

For the third and last night of Permission To Dance On Stage, we got to see a different side of Jungkook and maybe this is the reason why his blazer is trending on social media, the accident with his clothes put him on top searches and mentions.

Jungkook's blazer accident that trended the BTS idol

God bless Jungkook's blazer, which had a little accident. During BTS' Fake Love performance at its concert, this JK garment couldn't resist anymore, the button on his blazer came off and exposed the idol's torso, OMG! ARMY enjoyed the view and the maknae ended up removing his garment completely after his performance.

Jungkook tried to fix the button on his blazer, but finally left it like that, he can always show off his body proudly. Some memes did not wait and the searches and mentions were lit with this idol.

Jungkook blazer's button fighting for its life | Twitter: @97JKARCHIVES

Jungkook had more than 1.5 million mentions on Twitter, he was the #1 trending topic

Jungkook's mentions were very high today and it was internationally, the idol obtained more than 1.5 million mentions and was placed at # 1 of the trending topics, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo by a large amount of tweets, this is JK's power.

Jungkook became a huge trend | Twitter: @jungkooktrends

Jungkook was everywhere today, the world couldn't stop mentioning the BTS idol and this is the true power he has internationally.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we tell you the story behind Jin and the hat he wore in PTD On Stage In Seoul.

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