Jungkook with purple  hair Jungkook with purple  hair

Jungkook's top 5 hairstyles

Jungkook has changed his hair more than ever in this past year! After turning 23, the idol seems to have finally found his style. From blonde streaks to an undercut, he tried everything this year! The youngest member gave many heart attacks to his loyal fans. Scroll down to see his hair evolution.

  • Jeon Jungkook is the most searched member of BTS on Google, as he is a style inspiration for all of his fans!
  • He has won the 'Instagrammer Global' title without even having an Instagram account. 
  • The idol is the youngest and  the most artistic member of the band. 

1. Blue Highlights

Jungkook's blue tip-dyed hair

The ‘ONera was made special by Jungkook’s highlights! This was the first time we saw highlights on the singer, and we loved it!

2. Beautiful Perm

Sexy jungkook with perm

If you thought straight-hair Jungkook is handsome, then you are not ready to see curly-haired Jungkook! With a perm that only lasted for a few performances, Jungkook made his fans fall in love with him! What a handsome man!

3. Iconic Man bun

Jungkook performing black swan with manbun

Fulfilling his promise of trying out long hair, Jungkook blessed fans with a man bun. Suffice to say, ARMYs were not ready to see this hairstyle on the cute dancer.

Jungkook doing adorable V with manbun

He rocked this look just like every other one he tried!

4. Deadly Undercut

Jungkook with undercut in press conference

If the long hair was not enough to make you fall in love, this surely will! Jungkook showed up for a press conference with an undercut! Fans went crazy on Twitter at seeing the amazing hairstyle!

5. Fluffy Slicked Back

Jungkook in concert with long hair

After almost giving us heart attacks with the undercut, Jungkook showed up with fluffy hair. This soft look made us fall even more in love with our favorite singer!

Jungkook with long hair for concept pictures

2020 was Jungkook’s year! His personal style changed like never before and fans supported him throughout the journey.  My favorite was definitely the undercut, what was yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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