Jungkook shows the disadvantages of his selling out power Jungkook shows the disadvantages of his selling out power

Jungkook shows that his selling out power is not always something good

The power of BTS is just amazing and the idols sell out everything they metion, but Jungkook has the proof that sometimes this might be counterproductive

As you might know, BTS is popular all over the world and sometimes the members from this group can sell out something just by wearing it, but it's not something good all of the time and once Jungkook had to scold ARMY for this reason.

BTS has a big popularity all over the world, this idol group has talented artists who are well-known by everyone, there's no place where we can't find a single Bangtan's fan who will show love and respect for the boy band. And the fame of these idols has a great impact.

That's why a lot of brands love to collaborate with Bangtan Sonyeondan, it's a fact that everything they promote will turn into a success, and it's a win-win situation since ARMY gets new articles for its collection with the work of BTS and some companies.

Sometimes, BTS members tend to sell out products just by wearing or using them, without even promoting, that's the power that these idols hold and ARMY shows its support in different ways. Jungkook is one of those who has a title for sold out king.

But sometimes it's not as good as it seems, since fans might sell out things that BTS members really love and that's what happened to JK once.

ARMY sells out Jungkook's favorite drink and he couldn't buy it anymore

There was a time when Jungkook confessed which one was his favorite drink, it was kombucha lemon flavor, he used to get this one frequently, but since he said publicly how much he liked it, ARMY decided to try it. It was a big surprise for the idol when he couldn't buy his favorite drink anymore since his fans sold it out. LOL.

Then JK decided to have a little chat with ARMY about this, he scolded fans who bought the drink since he couldn't get one when he'd always be able to buy 2 :'( OMG.

ARMY sold out Jungkook's favorite drink | Twitter: @btsthroughyears

So, this is what happened to Jungkook, that shows how his own selling out power made him lost the chance to drink onece again his favorite drink, LOL, ARMY coundn't control itself and sold out this beverage.

Jungkook has a really strong selling out power

When BTS' merch made by its members was out, Jungkook showed his strong selling out power, his mech was gone in seconds and it even made Weverse crash since there were a lot of fans trying to get something. He also sells out the clothes that he use to wear. But when the idol has some exclusive outfits it's hard for fans to get them as soon as he's wearing them.

Jungkook's merch showed his power of selling out | Twitter: @lovemazejikook

And that's how JK works. his fans would show their love in a lot of ways and selling out everything he likes, uses, wears and makes is just a way to show their support.

Get to know more about BTS and its members, here we tell you who in the group tends to write the lyrics for its songs. 

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