Jungkook smiling for the camera

Jungkook sets the internet on fire with his selfies!

The 23-year-old K-pop idol broke the internet as he posted two new selfies in his beautiful blonde hair! Whether be it his toned abs, new tattoos or a 'Bad Guy' cover, the youngest one from BTS knows how to set fans' hearts on fire. If your wondering why your kid is smiling at his/her phone, he probably doesn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they must be admiring Jungkook's gorgeous selfies that are trending on Twitter. Scroll down to check the photos he posted!

  • The Golden Maknae posted his selcas (Korean slang for selfie) after a whole year on January 25th, 2021 and trended number one on Twitter. 
  • His blonde hair debuted at the Golden Disc Awards.
  • Being an introvert, the 5'10" tall artist rarely posts on any social media platforms but when he does, fans show him all their love.
  • He showed his new red eye tattoo on a RUN BTS episode on January 19th, 2021.
Jungkook smiling

Jungkook kept his relationship with all-black hair strong by not coloring them since the 'Idol era'. But as the new year started, he surprised the fans by dying them to bright blonde.

Seems like he has started living by the rule of New year new me *chuckles*. We are absolutely loving him in his light-colored hair after such a long time. They feel like a breath of fresh air!

Jungkook's Tweet
Jungkook's weverse post

But this is not it! The K-star has decided to become a little more active on social media as he posted two selfies in just one day.

We just can't believe that it's real. Initially we felt like dreaming because he rarely comes on the internet, but luckily it was not a dream.

 He flaunted his breathtaking visuals in his long blonde gorgeous hair and blessed us with a mirror selfie and a cute pouty picture while sitting on the bed! 

fan's tweet
fan's tweet
fan's tweet

At this, how can the fans stay calm? Obviously, they all came out as they too couldn't believe their eyes. They showed their euphoric reaction by dropping 600K comments in just 9 hours and 46 minutes on Twitter, making it the first tweet to reach this target. Not only this, he got 2 million likes in 8 hours and 28 minutes, again breaking the record of the first individual artist to achieve this. Woah, that's insane! We envy the power Jungkook has.

fan's tweet

Yes, Jungkook, we want the answer!

fan's tweet

Some eagle-eyed fans even searched up his Samsung mobile phone (priced $1200) and the GOODBOY shirt(priced $205) and Massnoun jacket (priced $320) he is wearing and put them up on Twitter. Well, these clothes must be sold out by now!

But there is one more thing in his tweet which caught fans' attention! What is that?

fan's tweet
fan's tweet

It's the bed Jungkook is sitting on! The fans went crazy as some of them noticed that they have a similar bed in their rooms. It's a $99 white framed IKEA bed, and they are now planning to sell it out next! 

Jungkook, the most handsome!

Ah, it was truly a happy fine day seeing Jungkook on the internet because we all missed him dearly. We wish he continues to post and feels comfortable about sharing his daily life with us. Did you miss him too? Let us know in the comments below and check out him in his beautiful blonde locks!

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