Jungkook changed his Instagram username and here's the reason why Jungkook changed his Instagram username and here's the reason why

Jungkook reveals why he decided to change his Instagram username

BTS' Jungkook suddenly changed his username on Instagram, what led him to make this decision?

ARMY misses Jungkook's creative and original name on Instagram, but the BTS member decided to make this big change, why did he want to do it?

Since BTS is on Instagram there is nothing that ARMY loves more than the updates of the members of the group on this platform. And it is that now many fans can feel closer to the idols every time they publish a new photo, video or stories.

With Jungkook there is no exception and it is even well known that this Bangtan Sonyeondan idol already had his IG account for a long time before revealing it publicly. So there is much that we can find in the official profile of this artist within Instagram.

Jeon Jungkook usually posts all kind of content on his official Instagram account, and he is not limited to just uploading photos or videos, he has even had interactions. As he did with one of the Street Woman Fighter contestants, she asked for tips on naming his YouTube channel and JK decided to give her a great option which she decided to use.

Jungkook's username on Instagram used to attract a lot of attention, since it had almost all the letters of the alphabet, except 'J' and 'K', letters with which the member of BTS is commonly identified, do you know why he decided change that name? He revealed it.

This is the reason why Jungkook decided to change his username on Instagram

Jungkook from BTS did a question and answer session with his fans through Instagram, opened the question box and surely received about 2 million comments, but only a few were answered. Among them, ARMY asked the following: 'Why did Jungkookie change his username?' And the reason is simpler than we expected.

Because it was too long...

Jungkook's answer on Instagram | Instagram: @jungkook.97

Now you know, Jungkook just thought his username was too long and so he decided to change it to a simpler one like 'jungkook.97'.

 Jungkook answered many questions on Instagram

Although the idol of BTS received many questions, he was able to answer some of them, with one he excited Overwatch and the fans of this video game, since a fan asked him for a recommendation on what he could do at this time and JK recommended him to play this video game.

Also, one of his answers about the drama 'Business Proposal' was shared, the director of this series thanked JK for mentioning the K-Drama and said that he was thankful that Jungkook liked it.

Business Proposal director shared Jungkook's answer | Twitter: @JJK_Times

Will Jungkook do these Q&A sessions regularly? Surely in the future there will be more lucky fans to receive a response from the idol on Instagram.

Keep reading more about BTS and its idols, like Taehyung who wants to surprise his fans with his next solo mixtape. 

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