Jungkook faced this hater Jungkook faced this hater

Jungkook responds in the best way to haters, this is how he reverts bad comments

Although there are many people who love Jungkook from BTS, there are also many haters who give him terrible comments, how does he respond?

Sometimes the boys of BTS have to deal with negative comments and haters who take things very seriously. How does Jungkook respond to hateful words?

BTS has great fame and popularity, but this will not always bring good things. For the most part there are and the idol group has millions of fans who are responsible for showing their love and support for the members of the group at all times. They have conquered much of the public.

But there are also people who don't like Bangtan Sonyeondan, can you believe it? Although well, it is somewhat respectable, not everyone can like the same thing. But what happens when people can't just ignore something they don't like and have to throw out negative comments?

The history of Bangtan, ARMY and the haters is something strong, since they have even received threats at concerts, although it has not happened to majors, perhaps they were statements that worried the fandom and the idols. Some haters went further with their bad comments leaving no room for peace.

But how do BTS idols deal with haters? This time, Jungkook was very mature when answering one of those rude comments.

Jungkook responds to a hater in the most mature way, this is how he deals with bad comments

Lately, Jungkook has been very active on Instagram and he usually places the question box to receive comments from his fans, recommendations of what to do or what to watch and in his last question and answer session he received a mean comment.

You’re bored? Eat dog poop

 Jeon Jungkook responded with audio to this comment, he laughed a little but obviously decided not to continue with a chain of bad words, so he responded to this hater.

Aren’t your words too harsh? *Laughs* Ah..if you lump up choco pie the shape is similar

Awww! Stop the hate, the best thing is that Jungkook did not follow the game of this person who only planned to ruin his day, annoy him. JK had a bit of fun at the expense of this negative comment.

What is BTS doing right in the face of haters?

Against the haters, we find the teamwork of ARMY and BTS, since the fandom is in charge of reporting false, destructive or malicious information about the idol group to HYBE, in order to take legal action against this type of slander or lies.

HYBE takes legal action against BTS' haters | Twitter: @chazemin

It is well known that the union will be strong and that as long as ARMY does not allow these bad comments to continue to spread, BTS will be protected against haters.

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