Jungkook had a cameo in Business Proposal Jungkook had a cameo in Business Proposal

Jungkook receives a special mention in K-Drama Business Proposal, how was it?

BTS' Jungkook has confessed to being a big fan of the K-Drama 'Business Propusal' and was mentioned in one of its episodes

Jungkook had a cameo in his favorite drama, how did he do it? 'A Business Propusal' gave the BTS idol a shout out, did you missed it?

BTS has already appeared several times in the world of K-Dramas, some of the idol group members have worked on OSTs for different series and this is how they shine on South Korean television as well. These Idols' talent is everywhere.

But it's also obvious that Bangtan Sonyeondan members enjoy watching dramas, like V who literally became obsessed with 'Squid Game' to the point of knowing the lines of the Netflix drama by heart. But also the other Bangtan boys enjoy this type of production.

Like Jungkook who recently confessed to being a fan of the K-Drama 'Business Proposal', a series starring Kim Se Jeong and Ahn Hyo Seop. In JK's Instagram questions, someone questioned him about the drama and he also received a response from the director seeing that it was one of the Bangtan maknae's favorite series.

The K-Drama director himself promised Jungkook something special in the following episodes, since then it was in his 6th broadcast and by episode 9 BTS was already being mentioned in the series. But now Jeon Jungkook got the special honorable mention of him on the show, how was it?

Business Proposal added a small Jungkook cameo to the series, this was his special mention

In the 10th episode of Business Proposal, Jungkook was added as part of the script. The small cameo of the BTS idol consisted of a brief mention of her name during said chapter of the series. One of the characters in the story mentions a handsome boy who looks like Jungkook, OMG.

 Now you saw Jungkook's cameo in Business Proposal, wasn't it great? How nice that he has appeared in his favorite series! The director of the drama fulfilled his promise.

BTS had a cameo in episode 9 of Business Proposal

BTS' songs 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' and 'Dynamite' were mentioned in episode 9 of Business Proposal, one of the actors even did part of the choreography for the song, LOL, it was a very funny cameo.

Did you see both BTS cameos in the K-Drama? Fans didn't miss the idol group's two mentions on Business Proposal for the world.

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