Jungkook proves to be stronger that COVID-19 Jungkook proves to be stronger that COVID-19

Jungkook proves to be stronger than COVID-19, so he beat the disease

Although Jungkook was diagnosed with COVID-19, he is stronger than this virus and Taehyung realized for this reason

ARMY is concerned about the health status of Jungkook who, after arriving in the United States, tested positive for COVID-19. But BTS' maknae is much stronger than this disease.

Despite the pandemic, the world has had to continue working with sanitary measures. We've seen our favorite K-Pop artists frothing even though there's still a danger of getting sick. Always with what you need to take care of yourself. But, lately the wave of infections between idols has been stronger and the fandoms worry about these stars.

ARMY has already faced the news of contagion among the boys of BTS, at the end of 2021 Suga, RM and Jin got sick and the fans of the idol group sent their best wishes. Despite the fact that they were infected, the members of the group successfully recovered and were able to continue with their plans for concerts and other events for their followers.

But sadly, yesterday and after arriving in Las Vegas, Jungkook was diagnosed with COVID-19. Bangtan Sonyeondan maknae had gone ahead of the trip to fine-tune the last details of the boy band's performance at the Grammys. But now, JK is sick and must be quarantined.

ARMY is extremely worried about Jeon Jungkook, but it seems that he has beaten COVID-19 for a reason that Taehyung gave to the fandom.

Jungkook beat COVID-19, that's how Taehyung noticed the power of his BTS groupmate

Through Instagram, Jungkook shared a video in which he addressed his fans and then began to dance, despite having COVID-19, the idol looked strong and Taehyung also noticed because he left a message in his video.

Look look look at those dance steps, Corona lost against Jungkook, I couldn't even move when I was ill

Taehyung's comment on Jungkook's video | Twitter: @kthtrads

 This is how Jungkook beat COVID-19 and Taehyung proved it with his comment. We hope JK feels better soon and can meet up with his fellow BTS members.

ARMY discovers that Taehyung lied with this comment for Jungkook

When Taehyung got sick with COVID, he said he was fine, nothing hurt and he didn't feel bad. But now that he wrote this comment on Jungkook's video, ARMY realized that he lied while he was sick so as not to worry his fandom and in reality he did feel very bad, so much so that he couldn't even move :(.

Taehyung lied when he was sick with COVID | Twitter: @thv_kimchi

Well but it was a white lie just so ARMY wouldn't worry so much about Taehyung back then, he's kind of cute and the best thing is he's recovered now and he's not sick anymore.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, look at their airport outfits when they traveled to Las Vegas, they turned the airport into a runway.

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