Jungkook almost had an accident in Permission To Dance On Stage Jungkook almost had an accident in Permission To Dance On Stage

Jungkook proves that BTS' staff takes care of the group even in concerts

Security is important for BTS members at their concerts, this happened to Jungkook in Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul. Something that worried his security staff

Although accidents cannot be predicted, they can be prevented and this is why BTS puts a lot of security in their concerts, so that both the artists and their fans have a safe event, but what happens when there is danger? This is how the security guard reacted when Jungkook had a little problem.

BTS concerts are full of joy, strong emotions, screams and more, with a lot of fun and a positive vibe shared as the fans gathered to watch the idols live with their shows. After a long wait, Bangtan has gradually resumed face-to-face concerts, so it has met with ARMY once again.

At the end of 2021, Bangtan Sonyeondan offered their first concerts with audience after almost two years of waiting. Thousands of fans gathered in Los Angeles to see the group live. At the end of the four Permission To Dance On Stage concerts, new dates were announced for Seoul and Korean fans could not wait any longer to see the K-Pop group.

The concerts for South Korea have started and the best thing is that they won't be the only ones to take place this year, the Bangtan Boys will visit the United States once again, the next stop will be in Las Vegas. And if that wasn't enough, the idol group's in-person concerts are also being streamed online for fans around the world.

Although in these events there is a lot of security and personnel that is responsible for safeguarding all those present, there are accidents that can sometimes happen, like this that happened to Jungkook and that quickly alerted the staff, what happened?

Jungkook almost had an accident at the BTS concert and this is how the security staff reacted

BTS wants to see all the fans who come to their concerts, which is why the boy band has a type of mobile stage that allows them to take a mini-tour of the venue where they are performing. During that moment on the mobile stage, it seems that it stopped without warning, causing Jungkook to reach for support due to the brake and almost fall off the platform. This worried and alerted one of the security staff.

The security staff worried about Jungkook | Twitter: @jeonsbam

This is how the security guard became fully aware of what could happen to the BTS boys, he quickly approached the cart and made sure that none of the idols who were on it would fall. 

BTS' mobile stage is not as safe as it seems

On other occasions, the BTS mobile stage has had failures, as it has stopped several times without warning, causing the members to have this feeling of falling. ARMY has been concerned about this and sometimes believes that the use of this cart as a stage for the members of the idol group is not so good.

ARMY worries about the security of the mobile stage | Twitter: @shadowlike_v and @PresRMofArmy

Maybe they should improve BTS's mobile stage, as it's a great idea for fans around the venue to see the idol group up close, but with a better quality cart, they could avoid any accidents.

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