Why is BTS' Magic Shop so special? Why is BTS' Magic Shop so special?

Jungkook once said why BTS' Magic Shop is a valuable song for ARMY

BTS always seeks to give love to their fans through their songs and with 'Magic Shop' there is no exception, as revealed by Jungkook

Each BTS song is special for ARMY but there are some with a much deeper meaning for idols and their fans, such as 'Magic Shop', what is so valuable about this song?

BTS has conquered the world with its music, each song that this idol group releases becomes a big hit thanks to the effort that each of its members puts into it. This boy band has amazing singers, dancers and rappers who combine their talents perfectly to make the great formula that is exploding in the music industry today.

But Bangtan Sonyeondan not only seeks to stand out with their songs in the industry, they have been concerned with carrying a message in each track they release. A story, an experience, love, hope and more that we can find reflected in the different songs released by this K-Pop group.

In many Bangtan Boys tracks we can find extremely deep and valuable symbols and meanings, they can also talk about good, bad and other feelings. Without a doubt, this idol group always wants to give the best for ARMY through their music and it is something that they have achieved with each new release.

This time, we will talk about 'Magic Shop', a song by BTS released in 2018 on the album 'Love Yourself: Tear', Jungkook once said why this song is important to ARMY.

BTS' Magic Shop is a very important song for ARMY and Jungkook revealed the reason why

'Magic Shop' is a great song by BTS, we can find it in 'Love Yourself: Tear' album which was released in 2018. Then we knew the meaning of this track. Jungkook said why it is an important song for ARMY, the reason why the idol group created it especially for their fans, and the deep message they put into it.

The meaning of Magic Shop accordign to Jungkook | Twitter: @isbtsseven

'Magic Shop' is such a good song, it's obviously among ARMY's favorites for its beautiful composition, vocals and lyrics, it's clearly a song dedicated from the hearts of idols to their fandom.

On days I hate being myself, days I want to disappear forever
Let's make a door in your heart
Open the door and this place will await
It's okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you


Jungkook had a great participation in Magic Shop

Jungkook has writing and producing credits for 'Magic Shop', did you know that? This is why this song is even more special for the maknae of BTS who was involved in the creation of this great track dedicated entirely to his fans. 'Magic Shop' is really a beautiful song.

ARMY is very happy for this great song and Jungkook really put his heart into this track to be a comfort to his fans in those difficult days.

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