Jungkook at Golden Disc Awards

Jungkook of BTS shocks fans with his new blonde hair!

A blonde Jungkook is a dream come true for BTS fans! I guess he saw the fan edits and made it a reality. The 23-year-old singer debuted his new hairstyle at the 'Golden Disc Awards', and Twitter has lost its chill since then. Curious to find how he looks with blonde hair? Read along to see yourself! 

  • The 5'10" tall singer experimented a lot with his hair in 2020. He grew out his hair, permed it, and tied it in a ponytail, giving us the perfect bad boy vibes. 
  • He doesn't shy away from exotic hairstyles, including half blonde and half pink hair, red and green dyed tips. 
  • Jungkook is the most daring member in BTS when it comes to hairstyles. He was the first member to debut a man bun. 
Jungkook with blonde hair at the Golden Disc Awards

Jungkook is the kind of person who loves to surprise his fans, be it a cover or a completely new look that no one expected from him. He appeared with a shocking new hair color for the 'Golden Disc Awards'. Although fans had already been tweeting edits of him with blonde hair, they were not prepared for this sudden change. 

Here are some of our favorite edits. Did these inspire Jungkook to turn blonde?

Jungkook fan edits

Jungkook is definitely aware of what his fans want. He showed up in blonde hair, making our wishes come true. Some fans, however, weren't ready for this. They felt threatened by his new style, because they cannot handle so much beauty in one person, we agree, his beauty is attacking our fragile hearts! 

We are loving the blonde hair on our bunny! He looks amazing in the new look. What do you think about this new hairstyle? Let us know in the comments! For now, check out his blonde hair from 'Airplane pt.2'.

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