Jungkook of BTS reaches the same level of popularity than United States presidents!

Jungkook of BTS reaches the same level of popularity than United States presidents!

You might've heard that Vice President Kamala Harris is a fan of BTS. There is more commonality between BTS and Americans than you think! The youngest member of the South Korean boy band is apparently as popular as the former president Barack Obama and the current president Joe Biden. Curious to find what makes them equally competitive? Read along and vote for yourself!

  • The 5'10" multitalented singer has broken Twitter with many of his tweets, including his swimming video and a goofy dance to Billie Eilish's 'Bad guy'!
  • With over 30 million followers on their Twitter account, BTS has become the most followed Korean act ever on the platform. They are indeed the pride of South Korea in every way.
  • The lead vocalist of BTS is actually an introvert and does not post much. However, when he does post, it becomes one of the most liked or retweeted tweets.
Jungkook's selfie with his new blonde hair

It is no lie that BTS is the most talked about band in the world today. It's like Justin Bieber's 'Baby' like it or not, we've all searched and heard the music. So what is it that has put the 23-year-old singer in competition with the presidents of the United States?

This might come as a surprise, but its tweets! Jungkook is the only person, along with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, to have more than one tweet with above 3 million likes. Although BTS is not the most followed celebrity on the platform, they certainly have the most active and sincere fan base.

Jungkook when he first appeared with his new hair

Hence, they end up making so many viral tweets. If you ever checked the list of most-liked tweets, you would technically visit BTS' Twitter account. Check out the list yourself here.

His cover of Lauv's 'Never not' and the most awaited blonde hair selfie have become the top tweets with more than 3 million likes. They are also in the list of most-retweeted tweets ever. His selfie also became the second most-liked tweet of 2021 already! Can you believe how he is breaking records through just a selfie?

BTS with Lauv

'Never not' cover is on the list because Jungkook revealed his tattoos for the first time. He got his tattoos in the start of 2020, and midway through the year, he posted a video exposing his inked sleeve. Let's also talk about his honey-like voice in an English cover. He ended it in the cutest possible way with the little 'blablabla.' 

We are shocked at the singer's popularity that he stands next to two presidents with his viral tweets. If you had to choose between the three, who would you vote for? It's obviously Jungkook for us! Check out Jungkook's melodious voice in 'Euphoria' below!

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