Jungkook for 'BTS Island: In the Seom' Jungkook for 'BTS Island: In the Seom'

Jungkook joins ARMY to play 'BTS Island: In The Seom', the new game of the group

The new mobile game of BTS is here! Jungkook shocked the fans by playing with them "BTS Island: In The Seom"

BTS has tried any kind of project. The biggest boy group in the world expands its market outside of the music industry. Previously, we saw these Idols in collaboration with high fashion brands, fast food, cars, and cellphones.

ON the other hand, there are some special projects created in Bangtan's honor such as the animated character BT21 of TinyTAN. Well, it's time for a video game inspired by the group. "BTS Island: In The Seom" is finally here!

BTS mobile game / Twitter @vminiecats

It is an adorable mobile game where the protagonists are the adorable version of the members. ARMY is really excited about the game, it has too many references to the Idols. In addition, Jungkook created a public user to play with the fans. Would you like to play with the singer?

Jungkook joins ARMY to play the new mobile "BTS Island: In The Seom"

On June 28th the mobile game "BTS Island: In The Seom" was released. As was expected, it was an instant success. ARMY all over the world is already playing the lovely project. On June 29th Jungkook revealed on his Instagram stories that he is playing as well.

BTS' Jongkook's Instagram story / Twitter @vminiecats

In the picture, we see that the youngest of BTS created an account with the user name "Do I have the face of a king?". That´s not all, the Idol made a chatroom to join forces with ARMY. it is called "Face Of a King", is a reference to the Korean movie "The Face Reader".

Jungkook alredy sent some mesages to tha fans in tha chat:

Everyone. Stay healthy!

Have a good game!

The fans told him that his Island was pretty, so he replied, "Is my island pretty?". ARMY is shocked by the interaction. Since everyone can visit his island and see the progress in the game, the fans are noticing he has been playing for hours.

Jungkook playing 'In the Seom' / Twitter @taekookYET

In just a few hours, the Idols got to level 72. Also, his island has tons of special items and costumes. Such a professional game! Are you already playing In The Seom?

BTS' Jin won some awards at the TTAs. We are telling you everything.

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