JK and his new joke for Suga JK and his new joke for Suga

Jungkook has a new joke for Suga since the premiere of That That MV

BTS not only enjoyed Suga collaborating with PSY on That That, they also took the opportunity to have new inside jokes to laugh at

BTS's relationship is just great and its members get along very well, so much so that sometimes they often joke around a lot. Like Jungkook who has a new gag to make everyone laugh at the expense of Suga and That That, what is it about?

The friendship of BTS is simply incomparable, these artists have been together for more than 9 years. Their story began when they joined BigHit Entertainment as trainees with the dream of one day shining on stage together. After their debut, these idols have had many experiences that have brought them even closer together.

This is why Bangtan Sonyeondan is now a big family full of love, this is expressed in different ways. Sometimes in the form of skinship, sweet words, but also their jokes reflect a lot of the love these idols have for each other. They are very funny and more when they are together. With ARMY, the group also has a lot of inside jokes that only the fandom could understand.

Jungkook is the youngest member who has created many jokes and nicknames for his Hyungs, did you know that Suga is called 'grandfather'? Lol, he also has a lot of jokes with the others to laugh at perhaps in the least expected moments. But that's how fun Bangtan's maknae is.

This time, Jungkook has a new joke for Suga, this stems from his participation in 'That That', the song he collaborated on with PSY. What makes JK laugh so much about the MV?

The new joke that Jungkook created inspired by Suga in the That Tha video

During his VLive, Suga said that now Jungkook has a new joke for him, every time he sees him, he starts singing his rap in 'That That' and starts dancing around him with the choreography of the song. LOL. So it's all a joke inspired by a song and dance. This way you will see JK dancing whenever Yoongi is around.

Jeon Jungkook also keeps hanging around me for the past few days saying: He dances like this


Maybe soon we will see Jungkook's prank on Yoongi on video, LOL it would also be fun to see the way JK dances with this song.

Jungkook's jokes even improve his own mood

Suga says that no matter if Jungkook feels good at all, he will make his jokes and burst out laughing, improving the mood of not only those who heard or saw his joke, but also himself. LOL, JK is a great prankster who makes everyone laugh with his hilarious references.

Suga and Jungkook laughing together | Twitter: @sugatradamus

We love Jungkook's jokes, and BTS' laughter always feeds the happiness of ARMY, they are a great group with much more than music for their fans.

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