Jungkook graduated from University Jungkook graduated from University

Jungkook graduates from University receiving an importat award

BTS' members succeed not only in music, they also do it academically and on this day, Jungkook graduates from college and recieves an award for his effort

Even if BTS has a great success in music and a lot of fans all over the world, the members of this boy band keep studying and today ARMY celebrates Jungkook's graduation from university.

Jeon Jungkook is one of BTS' members, he's the youngest one and he has proven that he's just as talented and passionate as his hyungs; JK shines with his own light and has a lot of abilities and capabilities that shares with ARMY in music and many other disciplines.

And even if Jungkook is one of the most famous K-Pop idols in the world, he still wants to keep learning and have a title, the Golden Maknae keeps thinking about his future and prepares for everything, that's why, in 2017, he enrolled in the Global Cyber University, he studied at the Broadcasting & Entertainment department.

So, this artist had to work on his music career but also keep studiyng and growing in both fields, this is a big example for fans who get inspired thanks to the effort that every Bangtan Sonyeondan's idol puts in life, they show that there are no obstacles to make your dreams and wishes come true.

And today, ARMY is celebrating with Jungkook since the idol finally graduated from University and he also received a very special award in the graduation ceremony.

BTS' Jungkook is now a University graduate and receives the President's Award

Today, Jungkook celebrates his graduation from Global Cyber University, he also received the 'President's Award' thanks to his effort and great value for this school; even if JK wasn't able to attend ceremony, he sent an acceptance video with some amazing words for his graduation day.

Thank you for the valuable award, and I think learning something is always fun, wonderful, and exciting. We will all not miss this moment and move forward towards our goal as we are now


That's how Jungkook received his award and finally graduates from College, a new achievenment for the idol that shows that if you put enough effort and dedication, you can do anything you want.

Last year, Taehyung graduated from the same University just like Jungkook

ARMY also rememers that one year ago, Taehyung was celebrating his graduation, just like Jungkook, V also studied at the Cyber Global University. Tae finished his studies back in 2020 and now the maknae of BTS is graduating too.

Taehyung also graduated from University in 2020 | Twitter: @taekook_latam

Now you know it, BTS' members are not only talented artists, they now also have their own University degrees that shows us that nothing is impossible.

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