Jungkook deleted all of his IG posts Jungkook deleted all of his IG posts

Jungkook deleted all his Instagram posts and ARMY wonders what's going on

Jungkook of BTS deleted all his Instagram content for no apparent reason but it made his fans sad

Jungkook had posted a lot of photos and stories on his official Instagram account but today we woke up to the news that all his content was deleted, what happened?

Since BTS is on Instagram, ARMY can enjoy more of these idols on social networks. Each of the boy band members revealed their official account and made millions of ARMYs very happy who quickly went to follow them. Everything was very curious at first, but perhaps something that caught our attention first was Jungkook's profile.

Firstly, because Jungkook had a great name, it was basically the whole alphabet except for 'j' and 'k' since those letters are usually used to name the idol. Later, ARMY realized that JK's account had been created a long time before that of the other members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, since his account dated from March 2016 and the others from December 2021.

After this, Jungkook changed his name on IG and that made his fans a bit sad. But we will never forget his long question and answer sessions with his fans. Jeon Jungkook really shared a lot of content with ARMY through his official Instagram profile.

But sadly, Jungkook deleted all his posts, what happened? Maybe the BTS idol had a reason to remove everything from his profile and start it again.

Why did Jungkook delete all his Instagram posts?

Although there is still no formal explanation that Jungkook has given, many fans and Internet users think that it could be due to some project that the idol has. Or that he wants to change like the layout of his profile and that's why he decided to archive everything and then sort it in a different way. For now there has been no change, everything is still deleted.

Jungkook deleted all of his Instagram posts | Instagram: @jungkook.97

So for now we won't know why Jungkook decided to delete everything on his profile. Although ARMY has its backups to be able to see those photographs that the idol deleted. 

ARMY trends on Twitter after Jungkook deleted his Instagram posts

The phrase 'What is happening' was trending on Twitter as ARMY was wondering what had happened to Jungkook and his spontaneous decision to delete all his Instagram posts. Also all the media covered the news, although there is still no official explanation and only public reactions.

The phrase ARMY trended because of Jungkook | Twitter: @annagrl217

 Perhaps soon we will see a renewed Jungkook profile, with the intentions that the idol had from the beginning for his account or something new that occurred to him. While ARMY will continue to wait patiently for him.

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