Jungkook decided to change his Instagram username Jungkook decided to change his Instagram username

Jungkook changes his original Instagram username and we couldn't be sadder

Jungkook had one of the most creative and unexpected usernames on Instagram, but the BTS member decided to change it, what's his new username?

Jungkook's goal was not to be discovered on Instagram until he wanted to and he achieved it with a username that only he could have thought of, but now this member from BTS decided to change it and this saddened ARMY.

Ever since the members of BTS revealed their official Instagram accounts, they have all achieved new records for followers and likes in no time. In addition to being able to share much more with ARMY through this social network. During their vacation, fans got a lot of content from the idols.

But perhaps the one who managed to attract a little more attention was Jungkook, Bangtan's maknae amused the world by putting all the letters of the alphabet in his username, except for 'J' and 'K', which are letters with which he is usually identified. Later ARMY would realize that this idol's account on IG dated back many years, when those of his bandmates were new.

This is how the fandom realized that JK may have been spying on them for a long time on Instagram and no one noticed before. Jeon Jungkook used his account to share a lot of content, photos, stories, videos, and more. He even used it to give a Street Woman Fighter contestant tips on her YouTube channel.

But maybe Jungkook wanted a change and decided to do it on his Instagram account, the BTS idol is no longer @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz, what is his new username?

Jungkook has a new username on Instagram and ARMY misses the previous one that was more creative

BTS's Jungkook changed his username, previously using the long and creative @'abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz'. But now he changed it to a simple @jungkook.97. We don't know why he decided to make this change, but ARMY definitely misses that previous name that was quite original.

Jungkook's new username on Instagram | Instagram: @jungkook.97

At least we can be glad that JK decided to remove his name from Instagram, but not his account. So ARMY will continue to have content from the idol regardless of her having a new username. Maybe the idol finds out how sad his fandom is and ends up putting it back on.

 What's the meaning behind Jungkook's new user name on Instagram?

Jungkook's new Instagram name is simply made up of his name 'jungkook', a dot that can serve as a separator, and the number '97'. He uses that number because the idol was born in 1997. So that's the meaning, JK's name and his birth year.

Jungkook's new name on Instagram has a meaning | Twitter: @G0THJJG

 Would it be difficult for some to find JK on Instagram by his old username? Maybe that's why he decided to change his username, so everyone can find him much more easily.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we tell you the story of the boy band with the Grammys, how's been the group's path.

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