Jungkook and Charlie Puth in their Left And Right MV Jungkook and Charlie Puth in their Left And Right MV

Jungkook and Charlie Puth excite us with a new trailer for Left And Right and its MV

Charlie Puth chose Jungkook as his special guest for his next album and 'Left And Right' will even have a super cool MV

Jungkook and Charlie Puth have worked together for the American singer's next album, with 'Left And Right' they will conquer their fans and this track even has an MV that will make us spin.

BTS is an idol group full of extremely talented and charismatic members. Among them we find Jeon Jungkook, the maknae of this boy band who is as brilliant as his hyungs when it comes to singing and dancing whether in the studio or on stage. This idol has impressed us all with his amazing musical skills.

Jungkook is a great singer and excellent dancer, who also has his own tastes and influences. It's no secret that this Bangtan Sonyeondan member is a big fan of singer Charlie Puth. He previously made it public and was later able to collaborate with him on stage.

Charlie is an American singer, songwriter, and music producer who has worked hard for his fans. And this artist got to work with BTS on stage with an unforgettable performance. He has shown his affection for Bangtan idols and that he also admires them in return.

And now Charlie chose Jungkook for a new song on his next album, with 'Left And Right' we will have a great new track to enjoy by Puth and the BTS idol.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook promote Left And Right MV with a colorful teaser

Charlie Puth and Jungkook's 'Left And Right' has a new teaser, it's about the trailer for the music video of this song. In this we see both artists in different colors and always contrasting. They are together and also at a distance, what message will both bring with this track in collaboration?

'Left And Right' will be great, it also has a special album released by Jungkook and Charlie Puth that you can pre-order now. ARMY does not hesitate to support this duo with their unexpected collaboration that will be well received.

 When will the Left And Right MV premiere?

Charlie Puth and Jungkook will release the 'Left And Right' MV in hours as it will hit us on June 24, 2022 at 12 AM. At midnight we will be able to listen to this new song and see its music video for the first time.We are very excited for this collab!

Left And Right by Charlie Puth and Jungkook | Twitter: @bts_bighit

We're ready and pretty excited for this MV premiere, ARMY is also ready for streaming, we're sure this one is gonna be a great hit.

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