Joohoney tested positive for COVID-19 Joohoney tested positive for COVID-19

Joohoney tested positive for COVID-19, what will happen to MONSTA X's comeback?

MONSTA X's Jooheon has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has started his recovery period

MONSTA X's comeback was delayed due to 4 out of 5 active members being sick with COVID-19, Joohoney hadn't gotten sick until now, will they reschedule Shape Of Love's release again?

MONSTA X is a K-Pop group full of talented and dedicated idols who have been working throughout the pandemic with the necessary sanitary measures. The idol group released quite a bit of music and even traveled to the United States for a mini tour in December without any hiccups.  

For 2022, the group already had big plans, starting with their Korean comeback with 'Shape Of Love', a new mini album that would bring new MX music for MONBEBE and for which the fandom was extremely excited. Well, it is known that the quality and good work of MONSTA X is reflected in each new release.

But this time, COVID-19 affected all of the group's activities, Hyungwon was the first MONSTA X member to get sick, followed by Kihyun, and later Changkyun and Minhyuk also tested positive for the disease. The group's comeback had to be postponed for a while.

As the 4 members of MONSTA X have recovered, Starship Entertainment announced the new release date for 'Shape Of Love', but now we have sad news, as Joohoney also fell ill with COVID-19.

MONSTA X's Joohoney is diagnosed with COVID-19, but comeback release won't be postponed

Starship Entertainment announced that MONSTA X's Joohoney had tested positive for COVID-19 after showing some symptoms and taking the necessary tests to reveal if he had been infected with the disease. Later, he posted on FanCafe for his fans, saddened by the news, but promising that he would take care of himself and come back healthy very soon.

Joohoney has started quarantine | Twitter: @flexerkihh

It was also detailed that the release of 'Shape Of Love' will no longer be postponed, perhaps Honey already had his parts finished for the comeback and he will be able to take the time to rest and recover well to resume his activities on time. 

When is MONSTA X's comeback scheduled?

MONSTA X's comeback is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Shape Of Love will be released on that day and the date will no longer be changed. A few days later it will also be the MONSTA X Fancon and in May they will celebrate their seventh anniversary.

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

We hope that Joohoney recovers soon and without pressure, MONBEBE understands that it is an illness and that the idol must be well to be able to continue with his activities. We also look forward to MONSTA X's comeback.

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