Kihyun and his solo debut have the full sopport of Hyungwon and Joohoney Kihyun and his solo debut have the full sopport of Hyungwon and Joohoney

Joohoney and Hyungwon surprise Kihyun with their support for his solo debut

MONSTA X's Kihyun is going to debut as a soloist with 'Voyager' and his bandmates show him all the love and support for this next step in his career

MONBEBE is going to have a blast since Kihyun is ready for his solo debut, he'll release 'Voyager', his first single album and he has the support of his fans but MONSTA X's members are also supporting him during this phase of his career.

MONSTA X is full of talent, the idol group has amazing idols in its line-up, 6 guys who have different abilities in music. One of them is Yoo Kihyun who has stood out for being a great vocalist, his ranges give a special touch to each song of the boy band and he has his own personal stamp.

MONBEBE loves Kihyun and his iconic voice, he'd release some covers on YouTube to show more of his talents and give a new style to songs which were made originally by other artists. With his group and individually, Kihyun shines bright due to his amazing capabilities.

So, as fans were waiting for, Kihyun is going to debut as a soloist, he'll release 'Voyager' his first single album which is already on pre-sale. Voyager has a pretty cool concept, it'd take you to the sea with amzing vibes and even more. As we know, Kiki loves rock, so he might surprise MONBEBE with this genre in his next album.

But, before we get to listen to Kihyun's new songs, he revealed that while he's preparing for his solo debut, Joohoney and Hyungwon showed all of his love and support for him with a special surprise.

Hyungwon and Joohoney support Kihyun with a food truck during the filming of the MV for his solo debut

Hyungwon and Joohoney from MONSTA X showed their love and support for Kihyun while he was filming the MV for his solo debut, they sent a food truck full of delicious snacks for his bandmate and staff. This is the way how they surprised him and showed how much they love him.

This is the foodtruck Hyungwon and Johooney sent for Kihyun | Twitter: @FROM_HW

Both MONSTA X's members sent Kihyun their best messages, this is what Jooheon write for his fellow bandmate:

Kihyun hyung What's Up~! Solo dang dang FROM JOOHONEY 
 Kihyun hyung’s solo album feels like a big hit, you know it
❝When it comes to K-pop, it’s Yoo Kihyun, when it’s Kihyun, it’s K-pop 

Joohoney's message for Kihyun | Twitter: @FROM_HW

 Hyungwon also put his own message for Kiki on his food truck:

Be careful of corona

Be careful of a cold

Take care of Yoo Kihyun's voice
Beware of Chae Hyungwon

Hyungwon's message for Kihyun | Twitter: @FROM_HW

 That's how MONSTA X's idols support Kihyun on his solo debut and they sent him the best messages so he could be motivated during the filming of his MV.

When is Kihyun's solo album coming out?

Kihyun will release 'Voyager' in March 15th, 2022, we just have to wait patiently for some days and then we'll be able to listen to Kiki's new songs. MONBEBE is pretty excited about this next solo debut, it'll be full with Kihyun's talent.

Kihyun will debut as a soloist in March | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Fans are waiting for this release which will be just amazing, keep tuned for Kihyun's new album. This will be a great solo debut.

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