Jisoo poses for Dior cosmetics shoot

Jisoo's transformation after plastic surgery

South Korea is known for having the best plastic surgeons in the world. Could it be that one of the biggest pop-stars on the globe from Blackpink has had plastic surgery? Fans discussed the change in Jisoo's face. Read more below to see what they had to say.   

  • Jisoo was born on 3rd January 1995 in Gunpo-si, South Korea.
  • Her dream job was to be a writer. She loves to read novels in her free time.
  • She is currently endorsing brands like Dior and Cartier.
  • The worldwide star can speak 4 languages and has a net worth of $9 million.

How did Jisoo look when she was young?

A childhood picture of Jisoo

Fans took a look at her childhood pictures and a discussion spurred online. Yes, we all know how pretty Jisoo is, but is her beauty real? On different social media platforms, fans uploaded many baby pictures of the star and there was a lot of disagreement! Do you think she looks different? 

Did Jisoo really get plastic surgery?

Jisoo uploaded a selfie

The answer is no! Blackpink Jisoo's beauty is natural. Fans came to the conclusion after seeing how the star only looks different because her baby face was chubby and now she has grown more into her features. It happens to everyone and is a growing process.


There were no modifications in Jisoo's physical appearance from her younger days till now, she simply aged. Shocking, right? I agree her beauty is unreal. 

The question has been raised for other Blackpink members too! I know plastic surgery is common but Jisoo is an idol far from it. Her beauty runs in the family. Do you have any suspicions on which other Blackpink got it done? Comment your thoughts below!



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