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Jisoo’s emotional reaction to her birthday surprises!

Chinese fans love to celebrate their favorite idol's birthdays very extravagantly! On January 3rd, 2021, her birthday was celebrated by fans all over the world. What did the star have to say about the heart-warming surprises? Read below to find out!

  • Fans around the world trended 'WorldStarJisoo' on Twitter in celebration of her birthday with over 1 million tweets!
  • Group members Jennie, Rose, and Lisa wished Jisoo on their Instagram stories.
  • The singer's most cherished memory is celebrating her birthday during a concert in Indonesia. 
  • Her favorite gift from a fan is a rabbit stuffed-toy.  
Jisoo backstage at a concert

'Thank you, I was happy to see the pictures and writings that were engraved like stars', Jisoo thanked fans in a post on the platform VLIVE.

Chinese fans organized a beautiful show with 300 drones in the sky. Isn't that amazing? Read more about the cool birthday surprise here! Jisoo came to chat with fans on the application VLIVE and thanked them for all the birthday gifts. Isn't she the sweetest?

Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

Another shocking project by Chinese fans was to advertise her on the channel 'JTBC'. It is a very famous Korean channel that is known for making the best K-dramas in South Korea. That sounds like a very expensive gift, doesn't it?

'I did not see it myself but people around me sent me pictures. Thank you.' The singer told her fans about the advertisements. Do you think these will boost her popularity further?

Jisoo for Harper's Bazaar

Moved by the love and support, the worldwide star always remains humble. She loves the fact that fans all over the world came together to celebrate her birthday. Do you think K-pop fans are awesome for being so dedicated? 


Jisoo's selfie on Instagram

Jisoo must be happy that she has such lovely fans. I think writing birthday letters is a cool gift too! It is a simple and meaningful way to show love. What gift do you want her to get next? Let us know in the comments below!

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