Jisoo spoils about next BLACKPINK comeback Jisoo spoils about next BLACKPINK comeback

Jisoo spoils BLACKPINK's upcoming comeback, this will be one of its new songs

BLACKPINK's comeback is such a reality and Jisoo confirms that it will be a success with this spoiler

Jisoo can't wait to reveal BLACKPINK's new music for their upcoming comeback, as she told BLINK about one of their new songs.

BLACKPINK next comeback is getting closer. Although at first they seemed like just rumors, it is a reality that BLINK has been waiting for quite some time. The fandom really wants to get new music from this amazing girl group. And the wait is almost over.

Thanks to all the little hints that BP and their agency have given, we know that the idol group's comeback will be in the middle of this year. Although it has been 2 years since the last release of the group together. In 2021, two of its members shone as soloists and BLINK supported them without limits.

The fandom even went on a small strike when YG Entertainment released new BLACKPINK merch, saying that what they wanted was new music and not new products anymore. So maybe the K-Pop company listened to their fans and decided to work on what they really want from BP.

The best thing is that it seems that the comeback is fully confirmed and more with the new spoiler that Jisoo gave about the next release of BLACKPINK.

Jisoo spoils about a new BLACKPINK song, what will their comeback be like?

Through Weverse, BLINK asked Jisoo to give spoilers for her upcoming comeback. So the idol of BLACKPINK decided to give her fans what they expected so much and with a simple comment she completely moved her followers, this is what she spoiled.

The song is really good

Jisoo spoiled a little bit about BLACKPINK's comeback | Twitter: @JISOOTEAM_

 Do you have everything ready for BLACKPINK's comeback? What a thrill! We can't wait for it to arrive and surprise the world with the talents of the 4 members of the group.

When will BLACKPINK's comeback be released?

As mentioned above, it seems that BLACKPINK's comeback is scheduled for the middle of the 2022, maybe in May or June it will be when the 4 idols of this K-Pop group once again take the stage with new songs for BLINK and the world.

BLACKPINK will have its comeback soon | Twitter: @Guitarchaengi

There is less and less to listen to the new BLACKPINK music, we can't wait to hear it and BLINK has everything ready to receive the comeback of this girl group.

But while we wait for BLACKPINK's comeback, you can keep reading more about the idols, do you know why the girl group has that name

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