Jisoo for DIOR photoshoot

Jisoo shocks Blackpink fans with her shoes!

These shoes have been around for a couple of years now. They went viral on the Internet because everyone hated them! See how everyone changes their mind as soon as one of the biggest stars in the world puts them on! Read more below to see which shoes they were.   

  • Jisoo has been in the entertainment industry for 4 years. She debuted under YG Entertainment in the K-pop girl group Blackpink.
  • In her free time, she likes to post on social media and cater to her 32 million followers on her Instagram. 
  • The 5’3” beauty is booked left and right by luxury brands like DIOR and Burberry.

Jisoo puts on some controversial footwear

Jisoo in her latest Instagram post

If you want to start a fashion trend, the easiest way is to pick a Blackpink member to endorse it! Dior's muse, Kim Jisoo took to Instagram to pose in the most controversial shoes in history. Guess what they were? If you guessed Crocs, you're correct!

Fans and fashion critics react

Jisoo for Harper's Bazaar

Seeing Jisoo in a cozy hoodie posing casually with her $3,550 Christian Dior Bobby bag, fans could not come to make fun of her! Fashions critics are wowed by the positive response as opposed to how looked down upon Crocs are all over social media otherwise. 

Will Crocs be trending again?

Jisoo with a DIOR bag

These comfortable shoes might not be the most flattering look, but they work well with any outfit. Thanks to Jisoo, there is a high chance Crocs sales might rise! You have to agree that Jisoo is someone that makes any outfit or accessory look good.

Seeing her look so cozy in her black hoodie and Crocs, I feel like buying a pair of them too! Will you be following Jisoo's footsteps to wear them in public? Let us know in the comments. 


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