Jisoo at Cartier event

Jisoo reveals her biggest struggle

Touring the world for 10 months a year, some may say it's a vacation but for K-pop idols, it's hard work. They have to continuously perform, travel and adjust to new time zones. Jisoo had a lot to say about her condition while Blackpink was in America. Curious? Read more below to find out what she spoke on!  

  • Jisoo is 25 years old and has a net worth of $9 million.
  • She can speak 4 languages fluently and is learning English.
  • Her favorite luxury brands are Dior and Cartier. 
  • For her audition at YG Entertainment, she sang a ballad song. 

Why was Blackpink in America?

Blackpink for Lovesick Girls dance practice

The girls were in the middle of their world tour! Performing in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Europe, and the United Kingdom. However, Blackpink stopped in America for a bigger reason! The girls were specially invited to perform at the American music festival called Coachella. Isn't that phenomenal? I surely think it is. 

What was Jisoo's problem?

Jisoo backstage at concert

Performing on stage with her juicy red hair, striking visuals, and husky vocals Jisoo carried the Coachella performance! Little did the fans know, Jisoo was severely sick the whole time. This came to light in Blackpink's documentary, the girls were super worried about Jisoo's condition.

'It was the sickest I had ever been', the 25-year-old singer confessed. I was so shocked to hear this!

How did she solved it?

Jisoo at the airport

Jisoo's immunity is often the victim. The eldest member falls sick frequently but still gives it her all on-stage! It's important to work hard for the fans, but we hope Jisoo takes care of herself. What issues do you face when you travel? Comment below!

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