BLACKPINK forms the best familY BLACKPINK forms the best familY

Jisoo revealed that BLACKPINK is the funniest family she has

After spending so much time together, the members of BLACKPINK have become a great family full of fun and Jisoo showed it

The members of BLACKPINK have spent years together with many experiences, they share their paths in music and have formed a great family, this is what characterizes them, according to Jisoo.

BLACKPINK is one of the most successful K-Pop groups today, the career of these idols has been built little by little over the years. This is why the girls who are part of this girl group have spent a long time together even before debuting.

From all of them preparing as YG Entertainment trainees, to their debut, first win, worldwide success, touring the planet, and more. With so many experiences, the members of BP stopped being just co-workers and became friends, their bond is so strong that now they are a whole family.

And it is something that fans have seen with all the love and support that the idols show each other, when Jennie, Rosé and Lisa debuted as soloists they had all the love of their other bandmates. While the three girls mentioned, gave all their support to Jisoo when she was filming 'Snowdrop' K-Drama in which she had her first leading role.

So it is not a surprise to learn that BLACKPINK idols consider each other like family and Jisoo confirmed that they are the most fun, this is how she confessed to BLINK how she feels when she is with her other group members.

Jisoo reveals that BLACKPINK members have more fun when they're all together, making them the funniest family

Jisoo said that when the four members of BLACKPINK are together, they laugh all the time, which is why she has much more fun when they are all together. They are very funny and far from just being co-workers, they are a whole family that BLINK adores with all of its heart.

Jisoo has more fun when the four BLACKPINK members are together | Twitter: @shvtpinks

 Now you know, BLACKPINK has formed a real family that always has the most fun times when they can all finally get together.

Lisa also showed that BLACKPINK is a whole family

Some time ago, in her interview with Zach Lang, Lisa confessed that BLACKPINK is really a whole family, the idol said exactly what we know, that they do not have a superficial relationship or just business, their ties are strong. These idols are like sisters.

Not only BLACKPINK, but also BLINK is part of the big family of this group, the idols and their fans are simply amazing.

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