BLACKPINK's Jisoo is such a gamer BLACKPINK's Jisoo is such a gamer

Jisoo proved to be a gamer girl in BLACKPINK House, what are her favorite video games?

BLACKPINK idols aren't just good at singing, Jisoo even has amazing video game skills

Does Jisoo like to play video games? The truth is that yes, she even has her favorites, what are they? This BLACKPINK idol is such a gamer.

BLACKPINK has extremely talented, dedicated, and charismatic girls among its ranks. Among the lineup of this popular K-Pop girl group is Kim Jisoo, who is the oldest member in this band. She has delighted us with her beautiful voice and her great way of singing.

Jisoo is someone simply spectacular, in addition to having great talents for music, she is also a great actress and we were able to enjoy her to the fullest in 'Snowdrop', a drama that began airing in 2021 and in which she starred alongside actor Jung Hae In.

Besides, Jisoo also has a beautiful personality, she is cute and kind, very sweet. Passionate and dedicated to her work, she is also often funny and sometimes even playful with BLINK. This artist is also extremely beautiful, her physical characteristics have impacted us, we really adore everything about her.

Did you know that Jisoo likes to play video games? She revealed the gamer side of her ever on 'BLACKPINK House', what are this BP idol's favorite video games?

Jisoo proved to be a fan of video games in BLACKPINK House, these are her favorites

BLINK realized that in an episode of BLACKPINK House, it shows what games and apps Jisoo has installed on her computer, so we could see that she has Steam, DOTA2 and PUBG, the first of these is to play video games found in this platform. The other two are video games, will these be his favorites?

Games on Jisoo's computer | Twitter: @jisoobest

So Jisoo is quite the gamer girl, we love to see that she enjoys this hobby, we are sure that BLINK would love to have a game with her in one of these video games.

Jisoo has also tested her skills in PUBG with gameplays

In 2021, BLACKPINK was part of a campaign with PUBG in which we could see Jisoo as a gamer, she was playing this video game like a professional and shocked a lot of fans with this gameplay. Here we have a fragment for you to see the skills of this idol in this video game.


We love Jisoo's gamer side, she's just great, we hope we can play with her in PUBG soon, wouldn't it be amazing? Maybe she could share some gaming tips too!

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and PUBG, now that both released 'Ready For Love' MV which has a new record.

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