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Jisoo is the new brand ambassador of Crocs!

The star has changed the perception of Crocs in a matter of days! How exactly did she do that? You must be curious as to why you are seeing these shoes all over your page. Read more below to see how Jisoo might have secured herself another endorsement!  

  • Jisoo is the face of DIOR and Burberry fashion.
  • She is the only Korean female artist in the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 list.
  • With a net worth of $9 million, she is the reason why cropped cardigans went viral.
  • Her talents include singing, dancing, acting, and modeling! 

Why is everyone talking about Crocs?

Jisoo posts on Instagram

Have we time-traveled back to 2015? Why is everyone suddenly talking about these shoes? The reasons are a few:

  1.  Their donation to health care workers
  2.  Collaboration with Post Malone
  3.  Blackpink's Kim Jisoo! The star posted on Instagram a casual hoodie paired with a set of Crocs on her feet.

Most people were amused at how Crocs always stirred a strong dislike but Jisoo pulled them off! Her post is viral with 3.5 million likes. That's actually crazy!

Crocs' reaction

Crocs replies to Jisoo

Following the hype, the official account for Crocs on Twitter quoted an article of Jisoo with

'Welcome to #CrocNation Jisoo'.

I'm sure they are tired of the negativity brought to their brand all these years by teens who thought it was cool to hate on shoes! I admit that sometimes we are a bit too much...oops. 

Since they have noticed her influence and the star is inclining more people to bring Crocs back in fashion, I think she might be their new model! I really think Jisoo is deserving as she is simply amazing. Do you think Jisoo will be the next brand ambassador for Crocs? Let us know in the comments below. 



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