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Jisoo finally reveals who she wants to take on a date!

Woah, this really is going to come as a shocker to most fans! The K-pop industry has super strict rules about dating culture. With that being said, how is it possible that Jisoo revealed the name of the celebrity she's crushing on? Read more below to find out!

  • Jisoo was born in South Korea in January 1995 and debuted under YG Entertainment.
  • The singer has a height of 5'3" and a net worth of $9 million.
  •  She is set to debut as an actress in May 2021 in the K-drama 'Snowdrop'.
  •  Her favorite accessories are Dior rings and Cartier watches!

Where did Jisoo reveal her crush?

Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

On a Korean variety show called 'Running Man', where contestants go and engage in indoor and outdoor sports while answering tricky questions! The show is widely popular in South Korea and many people around the globe also watch it to keep up with their K-pop favorites! Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Whose name did Jisoo take? 

Jisoo for Welcoming Collection 2020

Facing a challenge, Jisoo was asked to spill the name of her celebrity crush! She has also opened up about her ideal type, read more on that here! As a joke, Jisoo stated the name of the host of the show called Kim Jong Kook. She's quite the witty prankster, isn't she? She even laughed it off!

What were we expecting?

Jisoo backstage

Oh Jisoo, you almost got us! For a second I thought she would really reveal whom she actually wants to date. That's just the way things went. What names did you think Jisoo would spill? Comment below!

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