BTS' Jin for 'Proof' BTS' Jin for 'Proof'

Jin's solo song 'Yours' overcomes BTS records on Shazam

BTS is the most popular Korean act on Shazam. Jin is taking a new record on this platform.

There is no doubt that BTS is one of the most important artists in the global industry. The singers of "Life Goes On" have proven how good their music is while they climb to the top of the most important charts.

At the same time, these handsome Idols also dominate every single streaming platform with all the releases. Bangtan is the most streamed Korean artist on Spotify and one of the most streamed in the history of the platform.

BTS members / Twitter @bts_bighit

Meanwhile, the solo tracks by the members are very popular as well. Just a few weeks ago "With You" Jimin's collab with Ha Sung Woon conquered all the charts. 

ARMY loves the music of these artists if they release as BTS or with solo projects. That is not all, Jin just achieve another amazing record on Shazam. Here is all the information.

BTS' Jin broke the record of the group on Shazam

Recently, Jin's solo track "Yours" reached No.1 as the Korean act with the most streamed song on Shazam. With this mark, Jin overcomes the position of BTS' "Fake Love" with 2.8 million shazams.

BTS' Jin for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

On June 6, the song of the oldest of BTS became the second most popular song on the weekly Top 200 chart of Shazam. The third place is taken by Harry Styles with his successful track "As It Was".

"Yours" was released in November 2021 as part of the Original Soundtrack of the Tv show Jirisan. Immediately, the fanatics fell in love with his beautiful voice. Jin's talent shines a lot in this warm ballad. If you haven't listened to it, here it is for you!

ARMY loves BTS solo tracks. Read this article to know what the fans did to celebrate 2 years with Jungkook's song "Still With You".

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