Jin needs to take care of his hand Jin needs to take care of his hand

Jin is still recovering from surgery, what will happen to him at BTS concerts?

Jin had surgery on his hand and is still not fully recovered, will he perform at BTS concerts anyway?

Jin is still not fully recovered since he had surgery and ARMY is worried about his health. This is what will happen to the idol in the next BTS concerts.

ARMY is concerned about all the members of BTS and it is that the most important thing to do anything is health. This is why when the members of this idol group go through an illness, the fandom asks that they be taken care of and wait until they are completely healthy for their activities.

We saw the great support from the fandom for Bangtan Sonyeondan when unfortunately the idols fell ill with COVID-19. During their quarantine, millions of fans sent their best wishes for them to have a successful recovery and come back stronger than ever.

But we also see it now, Jin had surgery on his hand to improve one of his fingers that was injured. But he still hasn't fully recovered, because let's remember that these procedures usually leave you injured for a while to finally heal completely.

So HYBE is taking action for the idol to recover well, will Seokjin be participating in BTS' upcoming concerts despite his injury?

Jin will have to limit his movements at upcoming BTS concerts to recover from his surgery

HYBE decided that Jin will participate in the BTS concerts in Las Vegas, but he will have to limit himself a lot, since according to his doctor he must avoid many movements and also bear his weight on the hand that was operated on to fix his tendons in his finger. Even though he has to rest, Seokjin really wanted to be in this series of concerts with his groupmates.

Jin will have to limit his movements at BTS concerts | Twitter: @BTSArmy_47

BTS' concert series in Las Vegas starts today, so Jin will have to take good care not to hurt his little finger. We hope he makes a good and speedy recovery while still spending time with his fans.

Why did Jin have surgery on his hand?

During the month of March, Jin injured his left index finger so he had to go into surgery as the tendons in this part of his body had been damaged. Her doctors recommended him to rest and avoid any movement that would affect recovery from this procedure and the healing of his injury.

Jin must take care of his hand | Twitter: @KaYoonKooki

Really, Jin should take good care of himself, we hope the BTS concerts won't interfere with his recovery and he can feel good quickly.

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