Jimin's OST will be the main track in Our Blues Jimin's OST will be the main track in Our Blues

Jimin's OST for Our Blues will have a great importance for the K-Drama

BTS' Jimin will be part of the soundtrack of the upcoming drama 'Our Blues' and his song will bring this series to life, why will it be so important?

Jimin is all set to release his special OST for the new K-Drama 'Our Blues', which will hold great importance for the series for this reason.

BTS is an amazing group of K-Pop, the 7 members that are part of this group. Together and as a soloist they have proven to have great talents and musical skills that shine every time they record in their studio and perform on stages around the world.

One of them is Park Jimin, who manages to captivate the public as a dancer and we could say that this is his specialty. But, the truth is that Jimin also has a beautiful voice and has put a personal stamp on every Bangtan Sonyeondan song. In addition to the fact that he has also shown his solo skills with some songs that we can find on Bangtan albums or digitally.

Songs like 'Promise' or 'Serendipity' let us enjoy more of BTS Jimin's talent as a solo artist. And very soon fans will have more music from this incredible artist. As you know, the world of K-Pop and K-Dramas comes together many times through the OSTs of these productions for television.

And this is how Jimin will show us more of his talent, as he will be part of the OST for the drama 'Our Blues'. So we will be able to hear him in this series and the best thing is that he will take a major part in the drama.

Jimin's song will be the main track for Our Blues, this is the importance of his OST

It was revealed that Jimin's song will be the main track for 'Our Blues', meaning that it will be a part of every episode of the drama and will also appear at the climax of this story. His song will be magnificent and will truly bring this upcoming K-Drama to life.

Jimin's OST will be the main track for Our Blues | Twitter: @lelebtslove

Do you have everything ready to listen to this new song? ARMY already has streaming projects and so on ready to support Jimin with this upcoming special track for 'Our Blues'.

When is Jimin's OST for Our Blues coming out?

Since 'Our Blues' will be premiered on April 9, we can think that Jimin's OST will be released on that same date, if not that they release it before the drama to enjoy the idol's talent first, but the most accurate date may be the aforementioned.

Our Blues | Twitter: @aphroditjmn

It only remains to wait a few more weeks to be able to see the premiere of the drama 'Our Blues' and listen to Jimin's new OST for this production, how exciting!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we tell you who in the group is the youngest one, aka maknae, in case you didn't know.

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