Jimin supports J-Hope Jimin supports J-Hope

Jimin shows full support for J-Hope and More, is he streaming too?

Jimin shared some photos showing his support and love for J-Hope and More

'More' is J-Hope's new solo song and not only is ARMY giving him their full support, but also his BTS members. This time Jimin showed his love and support on Instagram.

The members of BTS really are like a big family, these idols have spent so much time together and have a beautiful relationship. For more than 8 years now, they have shared a lot of experiences and moments that have made their ties stronger, united and we could say even lasting.

We know very well that Bangtan Sonyeondan boys also have complementary personalities. Their talents are not the only thing that combines very well to give the best to their fans, but also their ways of being and charisma have great chemistry. We love knowing about the friendship and love that they all have for each other.

At all times, the Bangtan idols support each other and also show great affection for each other. We know that Jimin and J-Hope are really close, both expert dancers from the Bangtan Boys have joined their skills in special choreography.

And now that Hobi released 'More', the BTS rapper is receiving all the support from ARMY, but also from his groupmates and Jimin has not stopped listening to his song. This is how he demonstrated it on Instagram.

Jimin shared his support for J-Hope and More on Instagram

Through Instagram, Jimin shared a couple of photos, one is from 'More', he is listening to the song of his fellow group as a soloist. In the following image we can see him next to J-Hope. There was no description, but it really isn't necessary, Mochi is showing his support and affection to Hobi.

Jimin on Instagram | Instagram: @j.m

Here are they both together <3.

J-Hope and Jimin | Instagram: @j.m

J-Hope left a nice comment on Jimin's post

Aw! We really love the interactions of BTS idols and Hobi responded to Jimin's post with a nice comment. They really adore each other and J-Hope was thankful for the great support Jimin is showing him with his solo work <3.

 Love u my dongsaeng

Hobi replied Jimin's post | Instagram: @j.m

 Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or keep streaming 'More' with more songs by J-Hope as a soloist, here we have some of them.

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