BTS' Jimin at the White House BTS' Jimin at the White House

Jimin shares his honest thoughts about BTS' visit to the White House

Tñhe encounter with President Joe Biden at the White House was a big event for the members of BTS. Jimin has revealed his experience in a sweet letter.

During the pandemic, the attacks against the Asian population in the United States increased a lot. Discrimination is a serious social issue in this country right now. May was a month dedicated to celebrating the Asian Heritage in America.

To conclude the events of the month, BTS was invited to talk about the Anti Asian Hate Crimes with President Joe Biden. As you may know, the group has a massive responsibility sense because of being the most important Asian music act in the world.

BTS at the White House / Twitter @Meraki_A_le

On May 31st, the members arrive at the White House in Washington DC for this important encounter. There's no doubt that it was a meaningful episode in their lives. This is what Jimin has to say about the nerve-wracking experience.

Jimin shares an emotive letter about his experience at the White House

On June 2nd BTS' Jimin posted a letter on Weverse to talk about the visit of the groups to the White House. His honest words are touching the hearts of the fans.

I'm grateful and honored that are ARMY people of various races, countries and cultures, so I was able to participate in this event on behalf of all of you and raise my voice.

Jimin talking at the White House / By @PurpleStationMX

The Idols explained that he felt insecure about not being mature enough. He gave his apologies for being childish in the past. Jimin is working to be a better person, he added:

In the future, I will try to become a more mature person so, that I don't have any concerns.

Finally, he said his goodbyes to the fans announcing that he will be more often in contact. What do you think about his words?

The speech of Suga at the White House was all over the Internet. Read this article to know more about it.

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