Jimin reveals how often BTS members fight!

We all know that even siblings fight a lot, despite loving each other. BTS members are like brothers, and Jimin has just revealed how much they really fight each other. Scroll down to find out! 

  • Jimin has earned a net worth of $20 million.
  • He is famous for being caring, and he is always the pacifier of the group. 
Jimin smiling widely

Jimin revealed that despite having a wonderful relationship, enduring so many hours doing everything together can be tough, even for the greatest friends:

We all have different personalities and even every little detail about us is different...

It is apparent to the fans as each member shows different charms and sides. So then they must end up quarreling a lot, right? Well, Jimin said something different

BTS for Butter concept Photo version 3 in July 2021

...but regardless of all this the reason we are able to get along is that our final goals are the same.

BTS talking in an interview

Wow, it's honestly so impressive that they understand each other, right?. The biggest secret behind their success is their friendship and hard work.

BTS posing for a pose

Seven members can be tough, but the boys know how to settle these differences for their common success. Don't you wish all of your relationships in life were this mature?

Readers, take some notes on becoming successful by learning BTS' success tip and not only succeed in life generally but in your relationships as well! Isn't it amazing? Which member would you date?

Check out the video below to decide!

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