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Jimin reveals how often BTS members fight!

Do you know how well the members of the biggest boy band get along with each other? We all know that even siblings fight a lot despite loving each other to death. BTS members, too, have a brothers-like relationship. So how often do they quarrel with each other in the dorm? Jimin has told the truth. Scroll down to read about it!

  • Jimin has earned a net worth of $20 million at the young age of 25.
  • He is famous for his caring nature, as he always takes care of his bandmates.
  • The 5'8'' tall star has topped the 'Hot 100 KPOP idols ranking' for 2020along with his other BTS members. 
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The relationship between siblings is bittersweet. We are always bickering about the smallest things, aren't we? It sometimes becomes impossible to not fight while staying sane! When Jimin was asked about BTS' success and their habit of arguing, he said:

We all have different personalities and even every little detail about us is different...

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It is apparent to the fans as each member shows different charms and sides. So then they must end up quarreling a lot, right? Well, Jimin said something different,

...but regardless of all this the reason we are able to get along is that our final goals are the same.

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Wow, it's honestly so impressive that they understand each other, instead of picking on each other's habits. He says that this fact is the biggest secret behind their success. With a band of seven members, it's natural to have a difference of opinion, but the boys know how to settle these differences for the biggest possible gain for the band. Don't you wish all of your relationships in life were this mature?

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They take care of everything and make sure not to hurt anyone. So readers, take some notes on becoming successful by learning BTS' success tip! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below and don't forget to check out BTS taking care of each other!

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