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Jimin raises awareness on the death of a 1-year-old baby in Korea

Ever envied BTS because they have a caring member like Jimin? South Korea is currently facing a protest from its public due to the death of a 16-months-old girl. The singer paid homage to the victim who passed away due to domestic abuse. Jimin's little gesture has brought her case to everyone's attention. Want to know how Jimin is helping fight for her? Read along if you have the guts!

  • Jimin raised voice against domestic abuse on Weverse.
  • The platform has 1.8 million users from 200 different countries.
  • It was created by Big Hit Entertainment, which is also BTS' managing label.
  • The 25-year-old singer is a humanitarian at heart, and has also made donations for uniforms at his old school. Since school uniforms in South Korea cost almost $1000. 
Jimin seen happy on stage

Jimin came on Weverse to post a hashtag that is being used to protest for 'Jungin'. The child was abused by her adoptive parents, and hence she passed away. People have stepped up on social media to protested for the deceased girl.

There has been a hashtag trending on Twitter regarding the incident '#sorryJungin'. It's used as a tribute to the child and to raise awareness regarding domestic abuse in the Korean society. Due to Jimin's update, the whole world knows about Jungin's case and is protesting with Jimin. We hope justice is served to Jungin. 

Army on Twitter paying homage to Jungin

We are proud to see Jimin take this step and prove what an amazing person he is. BTS rarely speaks on social issues publicly, but Jimin was quick to show his support.

We were absolutely devastated after hearing the news. An angel was taken away from this world, and we are fighting for her together. Jimin is truly a hero for bringing this issue to our attention. 

Check out his angelic voice in 'Christmas Love' to feel a little better! 


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