Jimin is the most replayed BTS member on YouTube Jimin is the most replayed BTS member on YouTube

Jimin is the most watched on YouTube even in BTS MVs

Everyone wants to see Jimin and YouTube is a great proof of this, this member is the most watched in BTS videos

The world really loves Jimin from BTS, so much so that they can't help but admire him in all of the idol group's music videos.

BTS is an extremely popular and famous group, we can see many of its statistics in the virtual world where the K-Pop group has millions of followers, views, videos, fan accounts, information, searches and others that show that it is dominating the whole planet.

On YouTube we can find many indicators that tell us how it is that Bangtan Sonyeondan is so reproduced and searched. And even this platform now reveals more of the popularity of this idol group members individually with a new feature that fans have found.

Bangtan's videos on YouTube have broken records in views, ARMY is always streaming for the group to reach even higher goals. It is no surprise that every Bangtan Boys comeback has a new record on this platform and we really love to see the growth of this boy band over time.

This time we realized that Jimin is the most watched especially in BTS MVs, as YouTube showed it with this new feature in all his videos.

Jimin's parts are the most replayed in almost all BTS MVs

YouTube has this new feature where you can know which part of each video is the most viewed or replayed. In many of the BTS MVs, the most reproduced parts are those of Jimin, where he stars in the scene, is dancing, singing or having a moment. K-Media and the members of Bangtan have already claimed that Park Jimin makes all his parts 'killing parts'.

Jimin has the most replayed parts on BTS MVs | Twitter: @mimismycat

What is your favorite part in BTS MVs? Maybe it's also the parts of Mochi that you like the most. He has a great attitude and makes a good job in every video.

In which videos exactly are Jimin's parts the most viewed?

 Here we have the complete list of MVs in which Jimin's part is the most viewed, there are quite a few, so you can find the most replayed part with this functionality from your cell phone, since it is not possible to see it on the desktop site.


Jimin, the king of BTS MVs definitely, everyone sees him in all the content that Bangtan releases, isn't it amazing? His parts have always given something special to every song of his idol group.

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